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Puppy Supplies

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“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton

Get ready for life with your new four-legged friend by choosing a puppy book or two. These resources can help you develop a training plan and provide you with valuable information about your dog’s breed, do’s and don’ts, and tips for involving the kids in the fun. By educating yourself before you bring your pup home, you’ll be better prepared to create a happy, healthy, and rewarding relationship with your new furry companion.

Puppy Training & Tricks Books

Training your puppy to potty where and when you want them to can be a challenging but essential part of pet ownership. Consistency and clear boundaries are key to success, so don’t give up even if it takes time. Before starting potty training, do your research to determine the best approach for your puppy’s needs. For example, if your pup needs exercise, long walks may be a good option, while a doggy door may be ideal for those who spend time alone during the day. Bell training may be a good fit for dogs who love to communicate. With the right technology, equipment, and tips, you can help your furry friend learn the right potty habits and ensure a happier and healthier home for everyone.

Potty Training Books

Potty Training Bells

When it comes to transporting your furry friend, there are a few options to consider. For small puppies and tiny dogs, a properly-sized tote can help you carry them around safely. If you have a larger breed that will quickly outgrow their puppy size, a temporary option may be more appropriate. However, if you have a small breed that you’ll be taking with you often, a sturdy and reliable tote that can be used everyday might be the best choice.

When selecting a bed for your puppy, consider choosing one that matches the color of their fur. This can help minimize the appearance of shedding and make it easier to keep fur under control. With a variety of stylish and functional puppy beds available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Pet blankets are a beloved comfort item for many puppies, but they can also take a beating. To ensure your furry friend always has a cozy spot to snuggle up, consider purchasing multiple blankets of the same kind. By rotating through them and washing them regularly, you can help extend the life of each blanket and keep your puppy comfortable and happy.

Help your puppy adjust to their new teeth by providing them with appropriately-sized chew toys that are suitable for their breed. Not only will these toys provide a safe and satisfying outlet for their chewing instincts, but they can also help prevent destructive behavior around the house. With a variety of puppy toys to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your furry friend.

When it comes to choosing food and water bowls for your puppy, it is important to choose a quality bowl that is easy to clean, is not too large and will stay in place if you have an aggressive little eater. Consider dog bowl sets that come with a tray or invest in a separate tray to help keep the bowls in place and protect your floors from spills and messes.

Choose a top quality puppy food and if you’re looking to have more control over what your puppy eats, consider making their food at home. This can give you the opportunity to try out different ingredients and find the perfect balance of nutrition for your furry friend. With a little experimentation and some guidance from your vet, you can ensure your puppy is getting the best possible start in life. And don’t forget to stock up on high-quality treats that complement their diet and provide a satisfying reward for good behavior.

If you’re getting a new puppy, it’s important to introduce them to a collar right away. Look for an adjustable collar that can grow with your furry friend as they transition from a puppy to a fully-grown dog. This will help you avoid constantly having to buy new collars and ensure your pup is always comfortable and safe. Once they’re fully grown, consider investing in a high-quality collar that suits their needs and style. And don’t forget to choose a leash that’s strong and reliable, so you can enjoy safe and enjoyable walks together.

If you’re looking to train your puppy to walk on a leash, it’s important to choose a leash that’s flexible and adjustable. Look for options that can be expanded or shortened to suit your pup’s needs and help them learn gradually. When training, be sure to set clear boundaries and be consistent with your expectations. By taking the time to teach your furry friend how to walk on a leash properly, you’ll be setting the foundation for enjoyable walks together for years to come.

Pet fashion is hotter than ever, and your pup can get in on the trend with a stylish hoodie or graphic tee. From trendy designs to cozy fabrics that keep them warm on chilly days, pet apparel is a fun and functional way to show off your furry friend’s personality. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to complement your pup’s unique style.

Puppy Tees, Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Getting your puppy comfortable with grooming is important for their health and happiness, and yours too! From bath time to nail trimming and more, having the right grooming supplies on hand can make all the difference. It may take a little experimentation to find the perfect dog shampoo and brushes for your pup’s unique fur texture and length, but the effort is well worth it. With a variety of high-quality grooming supplies available, you can ensure your furry friend always looks and feels their best.

So if you are thinking about adopting a puppy, know someone who has it on their mind or are invited to a new puppy gotcha party, here are some great ideas to inspire the right supplies or a great gift.

  1. Puppy & Dog Breed Books – Choose a dog book for your pup’s breed, family dog training or one for the kids and begin the training techniques immediately. The more you are consistent, layout the parameters and set the pace, the quicker your pup will acclimate to their new surroundings.
  2. Puppy Food & Treats – It is a great idea to find out the pet food your puppy has been eating and start there to reduce tummy troubles. You can then transition them to another puppy food or wait and transition to dog food when the time is right. Choose a few pup treats and snacks to find out which ones are most liked. Add a bag of tiny pup treats to your list which are very helpful during the training process.
  3. Food and Water Bowls – Eating time will be your pup’s most important time(s) of the day. Choose the right size food and water bowls for your puppy and be ready to transition them into larger and elevated bowls if required.
  4. Collar and ID – Choose an adjustable collar that will grow with your puppy. You don’t want to go too big or it may slip off too easily. Attach your contact information, your pup’s name and ID to ensure you can be found.
  5. Leash – If leash training is something you have in mind, you want to start immediately with the right training leash and have additional options on hand. You will get to know your pup’s walking habits quickly and you can determine if you can do the training or if you need professional help.
  6. Potty Supplies – We are all about pet potty parity and you will want to pick up plenty of poo bags, training pads, a poo bag carrying case that hooks to the leash and you may want a poo pick up gadget too.
  7. Dog Crate – You may simply pick up your pup and transport them in their crate or you may choose to crate train. Be prepared with a portable option or put their permanent crate in your vehicle.
  8. Puppy Blanket – Many pups love their blankets, so you might want to pick one up too. This is a great way to welcome pups that will sleep on the bed to find their place on “their” blanket.
  9. Puppy Bedding – Choose where you pup will nap and sleep before choosing the perfect beds. You want to have your beds in place before your pup arrives allowing you show your pup the best places to take a rest. Don’t choose pup beds that are too small, choose a size that they can grow into.
  10. Puppy Toys – Pups love to explore, learn new things and play, play, play. Choose toys that allow them to chew, expend their energy and train them too.
  11. Puppy Accessories – Have a little fun with a graphic tee, adorable hat or calming shirt. All are great for photos and will help your pup adjust to new things from the start.
  12. Puppy Journal – Start a journal the day you decide to adopt your new pup. Capture great memories, milestones and keep track of shots, medicines and upcoming events.

You may also want to look into great dog training programs in your area to help your pup start his time with your family on the right paw. One great program you may want to look into is an online dog training program like K-9 Training Program. This online program offers something for everyone and provide a great blog too with posts about Training puppies how to obey hand singles, How to train a stubborn dog, and How to calm a hyperactive dog.

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