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Welcome to our little world of love tails and wet kisses.

The Wild Love Tails Pet Shop is a unique online pet store that has everything for pets, pet lovers and those who care about the pets around us. You will find gifts for your fur babies, supplies to care for your bed bud or something special for those who help care for your 4-legged sidekick.

Who We Are

The brainchild of co-founder, Christine Meier, who was soon joined by an amazing crew of merchants, technology enthusiasts and pet lovers.

A team of pet lovers, writers, innovators and merchants who created the largest space online for pet related products. Our platform allows us to feature our favorite products, share tips from experts and talk about our favorite subject, pets. The products featured, the words written and the ideas shared are the collaboration of an amazing team.

Products featured are done so based on personal experience, research or their ability to solve a problem. Products are never featured based on advertising dollars, placement or free samples. Our goal is always to stay neutral and offer the best experience, advice and solutions to make life with pets and people even better. For more about information check out our Full Disclosure Policy.

The goal has always been to create an unforgettable experience for those shopping, seeking information or searching for community for all things pet. We don’t stop at basic pet supplies and what not to do’s, we take every aspect of life with pets to the next level.

If you have questions, would like to be considered as a supplier or would like to provide feedback, please email us today.

How It Works

Click to visit THE PET STORE or THE PET COMMUNITY to see what we are all about.

The Wild Love Tails Pet Store will navigate you through departments filled with pet supplies, pet party supplies, pet-lover gifts and even pet themed home decor. Pets are part of our everyday lives, we wanted to create a Pet Store Online that made like with pets and people even better.

The Wild Love Tails Pet Community is a collection of articles, blogs and produce collections that were created to provide solutions for everyday life with pets, inspire creative ways to celebrate your pets and to connect you with other pet lovers that will simple ‘get you.’

Our pets are a part of our lives, our homes and our families and we should all live together in harmony,” says co-founder Christine Meier; “from dogs to cats and from fish to chickens, pet choices are personal, unique and fill a special place in each heart.”

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