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About Us



Welcome to Wild Love Tails™ a marketplace dedicated to pets!


Every product is hand-picked by our team and arranged into categories, enhancing the assortment and improving choice.


Every product is chosen for its function, quality and style, with a focus on eliminating duplication, poor quality, and low value options.


We put a focus on a manageable number of product choice and great brands, while maintaining plenty of options to choose from.

At Wild Love Tails™, we revolutionize the way you shop for your pets. Our innovative online marketplace is brimming with curated shops dedicated to pet supplies, pet gifts, pet gadgets, and more. Every product is handpicked by our team of experts to enhance the lives of your beloved pets.

Inspired by the in-person shopping experience, our patent-pending platform marries the convenience of online shopping with the joy of discovery. What sets us apart is that there’s no need to log in to explore our offerings. We’ve developed various ways for you to shop, presenting carefully curated collections of products for you to browse through. Unlike other sites where you must know exactly what you’re looking for, we encourage you to ‘look around’ just like in a department store.

To learn more or to purchase any featured product, simply click on the image or link, and you’ll be seamlessly directed to one of our trusted affiliate partners.

Wild Love Tails™ is part of The Unforgettable Group, LLC. who is commitment to seamlessly uniting online retailers and shoppers. Symbolizing our mission to forge enduring connections and Unforgettable online shopping experiences. Our team is based in Northwest Arkansas where revolutionizing retail is the norm.

Our patent-pending process and unique approach to online navigation allows us to enhance the online shopping experience, making it Unforgettable. For information about our process and technology contact us today at info@wildlovetails.com

We look forwarded to getting to know you!