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About Us

We are so excited you stopped by, here is a little bit about us:

We strive to offer the best pet supplies online. As part of the Online Shopping District, an online destination dedicated to eShopping, Wild Love Tails is the largest online pet shop in the world. While most pet shops are dedicated to the basic, our site goes way beyond any pet website you have every seen!!!! We do the research, curated the products and then organize them to make shopping for pets and pet people fun!

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Our pets are a part of our lives, our homes and our families and we should all live together in harmony.”

“We loving sharing products, tips and ideas that make lives with pets even better”

“We love to discover new products, new inspiration and gain new advice, we are always learning.”

Disclosure Statement

All products featured are done so based on personal experience, research or their ability to solve a problem. Products are never featured based on advertising dollars, placement or free samples. Our goal is always to stay neutral and offer the best experience, advice and solutions to make life with pets and people even better. For more about information check out our Full Disclosure Policy.

Our Story

We are WildLoveTails.com, an eShopping experience that is dedicated to pets & pet people. We challenged ourselves to create the biggest and the best pet shop and online was the place to do it and make sure every visit was an unforgettable experience. We continually challenge every norm with a goal to create the best place to find just what you need for your pets, those who help us care for our pets and all pet-lovers.

Our Team

Our team is made up of product merchants, developers, marketers, writers and leaders who took on the amazing challenge of creating an online shopping destination for pets and pet people like no other. Together the team embraced the challenge with an open mind of infinite possibilities, utilizing a broad base of talent and we overcome hurdles by developing new technology and innovative ideas along the way.

Our Products

We strive to present an amazing collection of curated and organized products for pets and pet-people with a focus on quality, value and function. Every product is reviewed and hand-selected by our merchant team. Following our “One of Everything” philosophy, we look for products that provide solutions, inspiration and innovation, eliminating duplication, while offering choices every step of the way.

Our Site

As part of the Online Shopping District, WildLoveTails.com is dedicated to all things for dogs, cats and pets of all sorts. From basic pet supplies, toys and furniture to pet-lover gifts, party supplies and costumes. Our unique website navigation offers you choices to shop they way you want. From browsing through the shops or using the search button to go right where you need to go. Our team is working hard on new tools that will make the experience even better. Site updates are happening every day.

Our Suppliers

We are always looking for amazing pet product suppliers, manufactures and innovators. Our suppliers are both local and from around the world and must have the same admiration for pets that we do. We do the research to find out the story behind the companies, their products, how they operate and the innovators who create them. We want to promote those who are innovative and work hard to create amazing pet gear, gadgets, write books and even build pet-sized furniture. We are always seeking new partners.

Our Community

We are focused on building a strong pet community that is supported by up to date information, inspiration and accurate expertise. We strive to do the research and provide as much information as possible to help you make the best choices for you and your pets. Enlisting the guidance of experts that touch every aspect of life with pets from pet trainers, interior designers, veterinarians to fashionistas. We value the opinions, thoughts and facts shared by our contributors and use this information to make better choices.

Our Pets

In our mind, all pets are created equal, but we might seem to favor pups and kitties a bit too much. Our team tends to go where the products and solutions take them. We are continuing to develop shops for all pets and work with our suppliers to embrace new products for all. While some pet products are exclusive to a breed or pet, most can be shared across all animals. If you are looking for something specific please let us know.

Our Shoppers

Our number one goal is to create an unforgettable eShopping experience for every shopper. We call success when our shoppers find just what they are looking for. The site is free to use, there is never a required login, and we will never track anyone. We focus on spending our time making the site better and no time sending emails, text messages or popup ads. We don’t like it, so we eliminated what we don’t like from out sites.

Our Experts

We work with trained professionals, influencers and industry experts to better understand pet needs, ways to care better for our pets and solutions to issues big and small. We root the products and information we share in a collective group of advice, opinions and facts as they are known. The information we share is our own or cited when expert provided. If you would like to be considered as an expert for the site message us today.

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