Welcome to our little world of love tails and wet kisses. Wild Love Tails is a blog, pet shop and place to be, for pet lovers to be inspired. We are so glad you found us and hope you will be a friend for life.

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Innovative minds brought us the internet, innovative individuals brought the internet it into every home and hand and clever people filled the internet with thousands of products, services and information. We give homage to those who paved the way before us, creating the most amazing space for creativity, community and commerce.

Wild Love Tails

From The Beginning

The brainchild of co-founder, Christine Meier, who was soon joined by an amazing crew of merchants, technology enthusiasts and pet lovers. The vision was to create the most amazing space on the world wide web for pet enthusiasts, pet owners and pet lovers.

The goal has always been to create an unforgettable experience for those shopping, seeking information or searching for community for all things pet. We don’t stop at basic pet supplies and what not to do’s, we take every aspect of life with pets to the next level.

Where We Are Today

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The Pet Shop

The Wild Love Tails shop is current populated with a wide range of pet supplies, pet lover gifts and goods for pet homes. Our goal is to help you say thank you to pet caregivers, create amazing pet spaces and find just what you are looking for. Every product on the site is hand-picked by our merchant team for its quality, style and function. We work with suppliers both large and small to find the right products for our site. We love to find fun products, inspiration, ideas and love of dogs, cats and just about anything with tails, fur, whiskers, fins and feathers.

The Pet Community

We are busy writing, interviewing and searching for the best pet stories, tips and tricks. Our focus always begins with finding the right solution, inspiration or heartfelt tale. We want to help you find answers, share expert advice and continually learn. Clever pet tips, fabulous pet treat recipes or details about the latest pet supplies. Please spend time with us, share your stories and ask questions.

The Future

To take the pet market by storm through encouraging product innovation, improving lives for pets and people, and improving truly creating an unforgettable experience. We want to learn from our community, suppliers and experts and translate it into solutions, inspiration or a new point of view.

Our pets are a part of our lives, our homes and our families and we should all live together in harmony,” says co-founder Christine Meier; “from dogs to cats and from fish to chickens, pet choices are personal, unique and fill a special place in each heart.”

The Shop

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Wild Love Tails Shop – our little shop is a unique place to find products for pets and people. We source products from around the world and work through our amazing affiliates and friends to offer high quality, one of a kind and decorative items that help pets and people live together in perfect harmony. Our philosophy is to choose pet products that fit your style, are high quality and they get the job done. For complete disclosure of how our shop works please visit – Disclosure and Online Policy

The Blog

The Wild Love Tails Blog is a place for furry, feathered and finned lovers to be inspired, learn new things and share your Love Tales. We love to feature pet products, ideas and solutions for everyday life with our four legged companions, two legged buddies and finned friends. We feel strongly that our pets, pet spaces and pet supplies should fit naturally into our homes and be a part of everyday living.