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Our Community Page is a place to explore great articles, find expert advice and cool info about pets of all shapes and sizes. We love life with pets and enjoy learning all we can from experts, pet lovers and caregivers who enjoy sharing what they know.

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Dive into the world of denim that is finding itself everywhere in the pet market from pet beds to toys and from fashion apparel to…
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Bio: Purrsilla is a trend-setting, keyboard-savvy Persian cat with a passion for fashion and home decor. Known for her sharp wit and keen eye for style, she captivates our readers with her tell-it-like-it-is attitude and fantastic tips and ideas.

Focus: Fashion & Home Décor

About: Purrsilla is a smart, creative, and sassy writer who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She stays on top of the latest trends by absorbing hours of researching and brainstorming with her keyboard. Her writing style is sassy, to the point, and always in the know. She loves to shake things up and bend the trend narrative. Whether she’s sharing the hottest fashion trends or offering practical home decor advice, Purrsilla’s articles are always informative, engaging, and full of personality.

Interests: When she’s not busy writing, Purrsilla loves to search the latest pet fashion, explore the great outdoors, and even bust a move on the kitchen floor. Her love for adventure and exploration shines through in her writing, making her articles a delightful blend of practical tips and creative flair.

“Paws up for style and sophistication!”

Bio: Jerry is no ordinary dog – he’s a talented writer with a sharp wit and an old-school sense of humor. With a passion for storytelling and a love for research, Jerry covers a wide range of topics including sports, outdoor activities and the history of things.

Focus: Sports, Outdoor & History

About: Jerry is a Jack Russell with a mix of this and that.  He’s a wordsmith at heart, known for his captivating storytelling and insightful commentary, Jerry brings a unique perspective to his writing that resonates with readers of all kinds. His old-school charm and sense of humor add a touch of nostalgia to his work, making his articles both informative and entertaining.

Interests: When he’s not busy at his typewriter, Jerry enjoys exploring golf courses, seeking out exotic foods, and listening to smooth jazz music. His love for adventure and discovery fuels his writing, adding a sense of curiosity and a bit of the past to his articles and this seems to keep readers coming back for more.

“Fetching the latest stories with a wag and a woof!”

Bio: Redmond “Red” is a charming and knowledgeable Rhode Island Red rooster who covers the farm and rural beat with a focus on farm-to-bowl, organic and natural pet supplies, and “green” pet products. With a special interest in backyard chickens, Red’s articles range from Coop condos to the latest incubator technology, making the rural lifestyle sound delightful and accessible.

Focus: Farm-to-bowl, Organic and Natural Pet Supplies, ‘Green’ and Chickens

About: Red is a country-loving rooster with a talent for writing about rural life and farm-based pet care. His articles blend informative insights with a fun and engaging style, enticing readers to embrace the joys of living on the land. Red covers everything from unique animals like goats and potbelly pigs to the latest trends in natural pet products, providing readers with a comprehensive look at rural pet care.

Interests: When he’s not busy penning his latest story, Red enjoys leisurely strolls through the farmer’s market in a proper harness, chatting with the  everyone at the farm, and occasionally typing reminders the farmer when the cows are busy. His love for the rural lifestyle shines through in his writing, adding authenticity and warmth to his articles.

“Farm Fresh with Red: Where the rural life meets pet care!”

Bio: Sloan is the youngest of the bunch and is a globe-trotting French bulldog with a passion for travel, adventure, and discovering new things. As a seasoned traveler, Sloan is always on the move, reporting from yachts to kayaks, from the air to luxury trains. With expertise in pet travel and a keen eye for the best pet-friendly places to stay, Sloan’s articles are a must-read for anyone looking to embark on their next adventure.

Focus: Pet-Friendly Travel, Adventures

About: Sloan is a jet-setting writer with a love for exploration and a thirst for adventure. Her travel tales transport readers to exotic locales and off-the-beaten-path destinations, offering a unique perspective on the world. Whether she’s sharing insider tips on pet-friendly accommodations or recounting her latest escapades, Sloan’s articles are filled with excitement and wanderlust.

Interests: When she’s not busy documenting her travels, Sloan enjoys listening to great books on tape, taking leisurely afternoon naps in the hammock, and going on long walks to soak in the local scene. Her love for relaxation and exploration fuels her writing, adding a sense of tranquility and discovery to her travel stories.

“Embark on a pawsome adventure with me!”

Bio: Bernard is a cool cat with a keen eye for all things pop culture. His edgy writing style, infused with a hint of sarcasm and light-hearted humor, keeps readers entertained and informed. From the latest pet books to art, DIY projects, and interviews with pet artists, Bernard’s articles are a must-read for anyone looking to stay in-the-know with a feline twist.

Focus: Pop Culture, Books, Art, & DIY

About: Bernard is a trend-setting writer with a passion for exploring the intersection of pet culture and pop culture. His articles offer a fresh and unique perspective on the latest trends, from pet-inspired art to DIY projects and beyond. Whether he’s uncovering hidden gems in the pet art world or sharing his favorite how to project, Bernard’s writing is always on-trend and ahead of the curve.

Interests: When he’s not busy tapping away at his keyboard, Bernard can be found immersing himself in the music scene, enjoying the latest tunes with a discerning ear. He also has a penchant for catching scorpions and can spend hours nestled in his pet suite.

“Purrfectly on point with Bernard’s pop culture picks!” 

Bio: Juliette is a culinary connoisseur with a nose for delicious treats and a palate for gourmet delights. As an expert in pet treats, delicious pet food, and pet bakery goods, Juliette shares her passion for pet-friendly cuisine through her writing. From exploring the best pet bakeries to uncovering talented pet food chefs and creating mouthwatering recipes, Juliette’s articles are a treat for both dogs and their owners.  Juliette’s DIY side comes out when she features stand out pet food stations with plenty of flare.

Focus: Pet Food, Treats, Cake Decorating & Food Stations

About: Juliette is a talented food writer with a knack for sniffing out the best in pet-friendly cuisine. Her articles showcase the creativity and dedication of pet food artisans, while offering readers a taste of the latest trends in the world of pet treats and bakery goods. Whether she’s whipping up a new dog treat recipe or discovering a pet-friendly restaurant, Juliette’s writing is a delicious blend of culinary kitty expertise and canine charm.

Interests: When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Juliette can be found taste testing the latest dog food, tending to her catnip garden (keeping the kitties happy), she is always ready to lend a paw in the cleanup. Her love for gardening and time in the kitchen inspires her writing, adding a touch of freshness and vibrancy to her articles. Juliette’s passion for exploring new flavors and pet-friendly dining experiences shines through in her work, making her a trusted source for all things culinary and canine.

“Savor the flavors with Juliette’s paw-tested recipes!”

Bio: Cuddles is not your typical hedgehog, she’s a perceptive writer specializing in work, life, and the intricate relationships between pets and their humans. With a keen eye for observation and a knack for staying up-to-date on the latest stats and trends, Cuddles offers insightful perspectives on daily pet owner and pet lives. Her quills wrap themselves around you as she is as good a listener as she is writer.  She is skilled at capturing reality while providing options and alternatives to enhance life with pets.

Focus: Work-Life Balance, Pet-Owner Relationships & Pet Care

About: Cuddles is a hedgehog with a mission to bridge the gap between pets and their humans through her writing. Her articles are a blend of reality checks, innovative technology, and heartwarming narratives, offering readers a fresh take on pet care and relationships. From the latest in tech advancements to recommending a good book, Cuddles is extremely passionate about the latest in pet and people communication and will keep you updated on any advancements.

Interests: When she’s not penning her next article, Cuddles moonlights as a model, striking poses with grace and elegance. She enjoys soaking up the sun with her friends, embracing the warmth and camaraderie. Cuddles also has a soft spot for exotic getaways, seeking new adventures and experiences to enrich her life and inspire her writing.

“Quills of wisdom with Cuddles: Enhancing life, one pet at a time!”

Bio: Clarence is the new kid on the block, awriter who loves pets of all shapes and sizes.  His special interest in dog training is unique and keeps him focused on finding info about the latest technology and also learning from the experts. Eager to avoid old-school methods that no longer work, Clarence is all about embracing new approaches and innovative solutions in pet training. His fresh and enthusiastic perspective brings a playful and informative edge to his writing.

Focus: Pet Training, Education & Behavior

About: Clarence has a PHD in PAWS and is just getting started in the world of pet training writing, but his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are unmatched. He delves into the latest books, training methods, and technological advancements in pet communication, offering insightful reviews and practical tips. Clarence’s articles blend informative content with a youthful energy, making pet training accessible and engaging for readers.

Interests: When he’s not immersed in the latest pet training technology, Clarence enjoys lounging in sunny spots, spending time with his college buds, and exploring the latest gaming equipment. His love for relaxation and music adds a modern edge with a bit of 70’s vibe.

“Training Tails with Clarence: Where innovation meets education!”

Bio: Max is a savvy canine writer and TV personality with a nose for sniffing out the newest pet gear, technology, and inventions. Specializing in emerging trends, bargains, and upcoming holiday finds, Max is your go-to expert for all things pet supplies. Always on the lookout for good bargains and innovative pet products, Max enjoys discovering new pet product inventors, trendy designers, and clever pet technology. With a laid-back and engaging writing style, Max’s articles are easy to read and will get you excited about the latest pet finds.

Focus: Pet Supplies, Latest Tech, Bargains & Emerging Trends

About: Max is a discerning pup who believes in trying before buying. He meticulously tests each product to ensure it works as advertised and isn’t afraid to ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of things. With a keen eye for spotting great deals and a passion for showcasing the latest pet innovations, Max’s reviews and recommendations are a valuable resource for pet owners looking to stay ahead of the curve. His casual and approachable writing style makes pet supply shopping a fun and informative experience.

Interests: When he’s not busy researching the latest pet supplies, Max loves to spend time at the park, relaxing at the pub, or cooling off at the river. His laid-back attitude and love for outdoor activities bring a sense of joy and relaxation to his downtime.

“Max’s Pet Picks: Where every tail wags with excitement!”

Bio: Jack is not your average macaw, he’s a charismatic writer with a flair for highlighting unusual pet activities, shows, famous pets, and trends he loves. Known for his quirky and fun writing style, Jack’s articles are a delight to read, and everyone follows him around to catch the latest scoop. With his trusty press pass in tow, Jack is always at the forefront of pet news and events.

Focus: Grand Openings, Product Launches, & Special Events

About: Jack is a feathered wordsmith with a knack for bringing a unique perspective to the world of pets. His articles showcase the weird and wonderful in the pet world, from quirky activities to see and be seen events. With a writing style that is both entertaining and a little gossipy, Jack captivates his readers and keeps them coming back for more, well those who just cannot stand not to be in the know, you know who you are.

Interests: When he’s not busy reporting on the latest pet happenings, Jack enjoys indulging in gourmet seed trail mix, dancing up a storm, and charming the ladies with his smooth moves. A world traveler at heart, Jack prefers first-class flights but is always up for an adventure not matter the transportation. When it’s time to unwind, you can find Jack chilling under a palm tree, while grooving to some reggae music.

“Squawk about it with Jack, your go-to pet reporter!”

Bio: Lila is a pampered pooch with a passion for all things skincare and grooming. As a connoisseur of pet balms, lotions, spa treatments, and grooming tips, Lila shares her expertise on self-care and pet wellness through her writing. From pet hairstyles to scents and safety tips, Lila’s articles are a treasure trove of information for pets and their owners looking to pamper their furry friends.

Focus: Pet Skincare, Grooming, Spa & Self-Care

About: Lila is a seasoned writer with a keen eye for beauty and body care. Her articles delve into the latest trendy pet spas, the latest grooming supplies, and of courseprevention over recovery.  Whether she’s reviewing the newest pet balm or sharing her favorite shampoo & conditioner, Lila’s writing is informative, helpful, and always honest.

Interests: When she’s not busy testing out the latest products, Lila enjoys indulging in a quiet day at the spa, lounging by the pool, or treating herself to a cool treat. Her love for relaxation and self-care shines through in her writing, adding a sense of tranquility and luxury to her articles that resonate with pets and their owners alike.

“Glow up with Lila’s top pet care picks!”

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