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Affiliate Disclosures and Policies

At wildlovetails.com, an online pet shop, our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We provide a “what you see is what you get” experience. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE

Our Pet Shop Feature Great Products!

At Wild Love Tails™, an online pet shop, we showcase products created by innovated individuals and businesses.

We focus on items that are pet-friendly, pet-specific, and pet-themed, ensuring a diverse and unique selection. Our disclosure statement outlines our affiliate concept and ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

Privacy Policy

All customer information is kept with the utmost privacy and is not shared with any outside firm or affiliation. Customers make all purchases directly with the retailer or manufacturer, and they do not share data at any time. All information is protected, including online sign-ups, emails, any information provided by your computer, phone, or tablet, pages visited, and stories. We will not publish any articles or details without your approval.

Cookies and Similar Technology

Our online pet shop uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience. These cookies help us analyze site traffic and ensure you reach the correct affiliate or link. We do not share this data with anyone, and it is stored only for the duration specified in our published affiliate terms.

You will find product, article, and information links shared in our shop, articles, blog, and social media. When shopping for products on the Wild Love Tails website, we may be entitled to compensation for the link being clicked or a percentage of purchases made through your transaction. The small percentage of the sale is covered through the affiliate, at no additional cost to you.

The money earned through our affiliate support allows us to maintain and operate our online pet shop. If you would like to be considered to be one of our approved pet suppliers, please contact our merchant team today via email.

Our relationship with our affiliates is that of a third party, and we do not maintain data or information based on these transactions. Our payments are based solely on user interest and purchases based on products we recommend and believe in. Issues with product quality, shipping, and pricing should be handled directly with the shop or online retailer linked. While we will help in any way we can with issues, we are not responsible for product damage, lack of quality, or performance.

We will, however, consider removing the product or products from our site if we do not feel they are appropriate for our readers and do not hold up to the standards set forth. We strive to offer only high-quality, long-lasting, and well-performing products and information. Please report any issues or suggested changes based on hands-on experience or knowledge so that we may determine if changes should be made – email us today.

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Photography and Images for our Pet Shop

Photography, images, and logos featured in our online pet shop, articles, blog, and social media are personally provided by the wildlovetails.com team, provided by one of our affiliates, offered through a third-party photo service (Freepik), or used with permission. We embrace AI technology and work hand in hand with ChatGPT to create great images that help us to better tell the story of each collection. It is never our intention to feature photos, images, or logos inaccurately. Please notify us if you find any issues with any images on any wildlovetails.com online properties – email us today.

Links to other websites, blogs, articles, and shops are chosen by the Wild Love Tails team and meant only to share information. We do not wish to share information and links that the writer or owner does not wish to be shared, and they will be removed immediately upon request. All shared links are added in accordance with the content of the article and meant only to provide additional information, inspiration, and ideas. We do not gain compensation through any written content shares.

Content, Pet Shop Mood Boards, and Logos

All content provided by wildlovetails.com has been written for the sole purpose of entertainment, information sharing, and inspiration. It is never our intention to share inaccurate information. We also strive to provide new and unique content and not borrow or use information from other sites or properties. If issues are found, we apologize and will remove or make changes immediately; please contact us so changes can be made.

All logos, mood boards, and artwork associated with wildlovetails.com are the sole property of The Unforgettable Group, LLC., and any use should have prior approval. Photos and images featured are created content, provided by our affiliates, or provided by third-party photo sites. All content is protected by copyright. If you are interested in sharing or using any wildlovetails.com content, please contact us for permission – email us today.

Advertising & Promotions

We do advertising differently here. We don’t do popups, we don’t track where you go, and we won’t bug you if you don’t want to be bugged. We will promote brands and special events throughout the site, but in a subtle way. Unlike other sites, there is no option to pay for being featured or to hold the first position; all products featured are at the discretion of our merchant team. We strive to change the way advertising, marketing, and supplier partnerships are done, making it a win-win for everyone. If you are interested in finding out more about our advertising opportunities that will soon be available contact us today at info@wildlovetails.com

Patent-Pending Technology

The wildlovetails.com website is built with patent-pending platform and navigation technology. We appreciate your interest in replicating the way we do things, but warn you that we did the work to achieve a patent-pending designation. Rather than create a website the same way everyone else does, we decided to take a completely different approach and that lead us to the largest and most dynamic online shopping experience. wildlovetails.com is our first consumer category site with additional categories in full development to be launched very soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read and review. It is our goal to be transparent, follow all required guidelines, and offer a unique online experience.