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We Are A New Type Of Shopping Experience

We set out to create the most amazing online pet shop and it turned into the BIGGEST PET SHOP in the World.

So what does the Biggest Pet Shop in the world look like, it is filled with pet supplies, pet toys, pet fashion, pet gifts, pet furniture, pet art, pet books, pet-lover gifts and so much more. Take a look around, be inspired and if you like what you see, share the site with a fellow pet-lover might enjoy the experience.

We are an affiliate website, when you make a purchase a small percentage of the sale comes back to us at no additional cost to you. We are so thankful you stopped by and appreciate the support. If you find something you like, simply click product images and links to find out more or to make a purchase.

We would love to hear from you – send us an message and start a conversation.

We support the mission of petfinder.com and we want to do all we can to help humans and pets find each other.

Not Every Home Has A Pet, But Every Pet Should Have A Home

“Life is good, but life with a pet is better!”

The WildLoveTails Team