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You’ve just landed at Wild Love Tails Pet Shop, the biggest online pet store on the planet! We’re not just a shop, we are a destination for all things pets and their people. Welcome, and let’s make some tails wag together!


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Wild Love Tails is a new way to shop for pet products online.

We set out to reimagine what an online pet shop could be and it turned into the largest selection of pet supplies in the world!

Ever wondered what the world’s largest Pet Shop looks like? Imagine a place for every pet item you can imagine from a cargo of cat supplies to a droves of dog essentials, and from a plethora of puppy provisions to a spectacle of pet-lover gifts. Think all things pet – toys, fashion, gifts, furniture, art, books, and oodles more! Come on in and take a look around and let us help you find just what you are looking for!!!

Remember, we’re an affiliate website, meaning each purchase you make sends a little ‘thank you’ commission our way, without costing you an extra penny! We’re over the moon you’ve dropped by and genuinely treasure your support. We focus our time finding the greatest pet items and leave it up to our vendors to help you order what you love.  If an item catches your eye, tap the product images or link to explore further or to make a purchase.

We’re wagging our tails in anticipation of hearing from you! Drop us a message and let’s unleash the pet-loving conversation! We would love to hear from you – send us a message and start a conversation.

We support the mission of petfinder.com and we want to do all we can to help humans and pets find each other.

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Not Every Home Has A Pet, But Every Pet Should Have A Home

“Life is good, but life with a pet is better!”

The WildLoveTails Team