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Pet Grooming and Spa Supplies | Helping Pets Look Great

Welcome to our Pet Grooming & Spa Collection, your haven for the finest in pet care essentials. We love pet grooming supplies that make our pets look great and help pets feeling awesome! Our passion for pampering pets has led us to discover a treasure trove of innovative and delightful grooming supplies. From smart tools to playful products, we’re here to ensure your pets look, feel, and smell their absolute best. Join us in elevating pet care to a whole new level!

Life Is Too Short To Have Bad Fur!

Dog Grooming DIY Books

You may want to do a little research before undertaking grooming your pup.

Pet Grooming Machines

Grooming Cutters

Wash pups in the backyard when they play a little too hard!!!!

Pet Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays

Choosing the dog shampoo, conditioner, itch spray or finishing spray for your dogs skin, fur and body type can be a little tricky as you cannot try them all. Here are some of our favorites. They have great ratings, feedback and are natural options. Every pet shampoo is a bit different, so there might be a little trial and error, but here are a few great ones to start with.

Pet Towels & Shammies

Pet Robes

Pet robes are a great way to control wet dog after a bath. They also help keep pets warm during chilly months when baths are still important. Choose the pet bath style to fit your breed.

How Do I Keep My Long-Haired Cat Groomed? What Is The Best Way To Remove My Dog’s Excessive Fur? My Dog Hates Brushes?

These are just some of the questions we get when it comes to keeping our pets groomed. The answers are not as simple as one might think. You have to take into account things like your pet’s demeanor, the texture of their fur, their interest in rolling around in the grass or their grooming habits. Some pets actually enjoy being groomed and are quite sassy, others hide after a hair cut, and others roll in the dirt right after their bath. Finding the right grooming tool for your pet is a great place to start. Choose a pair of grooming gloves for pets who are nervous around brushes, choose a dematting tool for thick undercoats, or start with a spray to get things started with a hands-off approach. For pets that don’t love being groomed, try a Pet Grooming Hammock.

Pet Combs and Grooming Tools

Grooming Gloves

Demitting & Grooming Pet Tools

Self-Grooming Gadgets

Cat Spa Must Haves!

Finding the right grooming tools for your pet may be a bit of a challenge, but one worth working on. While cats generally don’t need baths often, they do need to be groomed especially if they have medium to long hair.