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Dog Training Gear

Browse a curated collection of training buttons, bells and tools to help you train pups from the start.

“Training a dog is not about teaching them commands, it’s about fostering a deep connection and mutual respect. It’s a journey of understanding each other’s language and needs. The true success in dog training is measured not by obedience alone, but by the harmony and trust that blossom between you and your dog.”


Training starts with setting goals on what you want to accomplish for you and your pet. It is also important to know your pup’s breed or primary breed to get a feel for their training ability and tendencies. Dogs who are bred to chase rats and small rodents will do so on their own and may be distracted while training, knowing this will put you ahead of the game and help you to plan your strategy.

Dog Communication Training

A fairly new dog training specialty, but one that is taking hold, teaching your dog to respond to you using buttons and to talk to you using the same buttons. While it is not for every dog, with patience and focus you can actually train your dog to communicate with yout.

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Floating Dog Disk

We love made in the USA and this high quality dog disk is a winner. Easy to throw, easy to catch, it is a great option for pets that prefer a disk over a ball.

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