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Dog Fitness Supplies


Browse exercise equipment for indoor & outdoor play for puppies and dogs


Pups who love to run, play and train are happiest when they are active daily. Create amazing indoor dog play spaces indoors creatively to keep you pups entertained, safe and cozy. Choose quality pieces that fit your design style, your dog’s breed and size.

The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

Dog Fitness & Treadmill Equipment

Dog Obstacle Course Gear & Equipment

Fitness Dog Discs, Herding Balls and Balls

10 inch Herding Dog Balls

This 10 in hard sided ball is ideal for outdoor play with rough ball lovers. Sized for herding style play, foot mobility and nose movement. #letplayball

herding dog balls
18 inch Herding Ball

Sized for medium dog breeds and up, this over-sized herding ball is 18 inches and ideal for training, fitness, and play. Removable cover can be replaced and protects inner ball. #herdingdogs #letsgetfit

cage open weave dog ball
Cage Dog Ball

This open weave ball is ideal for pups who try to take on more than their mouth can chew. Their mouth can find the perfect way to hold without extending their jaw. #smartdogtoys #ballobsessed