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If You Want Your Pet To Potty Like A Rock Star, You Gotta Give Them A Stage!

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Welcome to our pet potty shop. As a pet owner you know more about pet poo and pee than we ever thought we would. Our Pet Potty Shop is filled with the latest in pet potty equipment, tools and supplies to help you keep up with it all. What used to be considered a dirty job has gotten much easier with the invention of smart litter boxes, cabinets to contain and tools to help you pick up what is left behind. Whether your litter box services an indoor pet or you are looking for dog walking gear, we have it all.

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Cat Potty Supplies

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Find the right litter box for your cat, multiple kitties, or litter box trained pups. From cabinets ideal for hiding away litter boxes in plain site to modern designs that don’t look too bad.

self cleaning auto electronic kitty litter box

When you love your kitty, but hate litter box clean up day, consider investing in an automatic litter box. Technology just keeps getting better with litter boxes that literally clean themselves.

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Traveling with kitties can be a bit of a struggle, but grab a portable litter box or disposable options to make clean up a breeze on the road, campsite, or hotel.

Dog Potty Supplies

Some pups like to potty close to home and are willing to ring a bell to do so, while others enjoy long walks before doing their business. Browse the latest in pet potty supplies to aid in the clean up, hands-free scooping, and other supplies to make the job of maintaining pet poo and pee easier.

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Browse our Pet Walk Shop that is filled with great leashes, dog walking supplies, and potty clean up tips. Many dogs look forward to walks for exercise, while others are trained to potty only when walking, no matter why you walk, we hope you find some inspiration to make your pet walks even better.

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