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Pet Cleaning Gear

Browse a curated collection of cleaners, vacuums, tools and products to help you keep up with pet hair, rainy days and messy paws


Welcome to our Pet Cleaning Shop, devoted exclusively to ensuring pristine conditions in your pet’s living spaces, vehicles, campers, and beyond. We curated a selection of our most cherished tools, gadgets, and cleaning products designed to tackle pet hair and messes with ease and efficiency.

Pet Hair, Don’t Care…Best Ways To Clean Here And There

Pet Urine & Stain Removers

Does My Pet Peed Stain Remover Really Work?

Yes, My Pet Peed Stain Remover does work, it actually works amazingly well, removing both new and old pet urine stains from rugs and carpet. They guarantee that it will work and we are here to tell you it does! The spray is ideal for eliminating urine stains on any surface, the gallon refill is terrific as a rug and carpet cleaner. Use at full concentration, DO NOT ADD WATER.

Pet Vacuum Cleaners & Sweepers

Having the right vacuum cleaner in a home filled with one or many pets is a lifesaver on cleaning day. Keep in mind that not all pet vacuum cleaners are created equal and depending on the amount of fur, grass and fun your pet has in a day, your choice in cleaning machines makes a difference.

For houses with wood, tile or laminate flooring, this is a great gadget to help keep pet hair under control. Simply sweep up to the machine and it will automatically suck in the pet fur, dirt and dust. This bagless automatic dust pan is easy to clean when the canister is full. A must-have for pet families.

Pet Hair Brushes and Brooms

This long-handled gadget is a great way to pull pet hair from rugs, carpets and stairs. Pull hair with this unique broom on cleaning day before vacuuming to reduce wear and tear on your vacuum.

Pet-Safe Cleaning Products, Ice Melt & Cage Cleaning Products

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