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Curious as a cat? Looking for a comfy pet bed? Need a new dog leash? We hope we help you find what you are looking for…. Here are just a few answers to our most asked questions. If we didn’t get close to your question, send us an e-mail and we will do our best to get back to you quickly with an answer.

Here are just a few Questions and Answers from the Wild Love Tails Team:

Q. What makes the Wild Love Tails site different from other pet sites?

A. Everything….we offer the biggest selection of products for pets & pet people online; we don’t warehouse anything; and we focus on solutions that make life with pets even better.

Q. Why don’t you sell pet products directly from your site?

A. It is our goal to curate our favorite pet and pet lover boutique products from around the world and make them directly available to you at the best prices possible. That happens when we direct you to buy from the manufacturer, online retailer or online shop to buy.

Q. What exactly is an Affiliate Website?

A. A site that offers links to various online businesses who support us by paying us a small fee if the items are clicked or purchased. There is never an additional cost to you. Our affiliates were all hand-picked for their love and support of products for animals, pet homes and pet lovers.

Q. How do I found out more about the products you feature?

A. Click on the image or the link and you will be directed to our partner site where you will find details about the products, reviews, pricing and the best way to purchase.

Q. Why don’t you carry all pet products?

A. We commit to offering good, better and the best pet products, staying away from low quality products that simply to not work, damage easily or are not a good value for the money.

Q. Does your site use Cookies?

A. We sure do, this allows us to work with our partner sites to track sales and clicks from our site.

Q. What types of products do you offer in your pet shop?

A. We focus on pet, pet lover, pet home and pet people products that we feel are fun, unique and make life better with pets and people.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are a virtual business with roots in NW Arkansas. Our team is made up of amazing artists, technicians, merchants and writers that are located around the country.

Q. Have you tried all of the products?

A. We have not tired them all, but we have done a lot of research and work hard to only share items we truly believe in.

Q. How can we become a Wild Love Tails supplier?

A. The process begins when you reach out to us. E-mail us and let us know about your business, your products and how you would like to work together.

Q. Your product choices are different from other pet sites, how do you decide what to feature?

A. We are drawn to products that are great for our pets, pet homes and great gifts to pet lovers.  

“Our pets are a part of our lives, so we decided to embrace all things pets,” says co-founder Randy Meier, “we found the right platform, technology and merchants to make it happen.”

Q. Do you work with freelance writers?

A. We are always looking for great stories, pet tales and tips from those who truly love animals. Visit our Contact Us Page to find out more.

Help us improve by sending us a question we can answer, letting us know if a link is broken or a suggestion – e-mail us today.

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