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Litter Boxes

Think outside of the litter box when outfitting your home, apartment or workspace with cat supplies. This trendy litter box cabinet hides the litter box with a hideaway entry and a built in scratch pad. We are all about smart pet supplies.Ok so we have to talk about this, it is part of our everyday life with pets and boy did we find some cool things that will help make scooping and keeping up with pet poo a little easier. We love that so many of the brands and designers are coming up with very unique products for pet poops and scoops. Here are some great ideas and below there are links to some of our favorite affiliate items. Click on the photo link for more details.

Choose a litter box that is right for both you and your cat. While automatic clean up may be your solution of choice, a corner sitter could be the best option. Give you kitty the privacy needed to get the job done.

Stack this smartly designed pet storage cabinet to house the litter box, scratch pad, food, treats and supplies. A great idea for apartment living, tiny homes and small spaces.

Choose the right equipment to get the job done. From corner scoops to heavy duty metal shovels. The right tools will make an unpleasant job much better.