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Pet Fashion and Footwear Dept.


Browse stylish apparel & accessories for dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and breeds


Step into our Pet Fashion Shop, where style meets the world of pets! Discover a curated collection of cutting-edge apparel, accessories, and more, tailored for dogs, cats, and all your beloved furry companions. Whether you’re embarking on a glamorous evening in the city, seeking snug warmth on frosty mountain escapades, or dressing up for heartwarming holiday snapshots with your four-legged friend, our range of pet fashion essentials promises an unmissable experience. Explore a spectrum of offerings, from the freshest footwear to chic infinity scarves, and from voguish sweaters to snug winter jackets. Welcome to a realm where pet fashion is at its finest!

The secret to great fashion is to feel good in what you wear!

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Every collection of pet products is curated by the Wild Love Tails Team. No ads, no gimmicks, we pick what we like and create shops to help you find what you are looking for. Hope you had a great time! Jump back to the beginning to start another Wild Love Tails shopping journey!


Pet accessories area a key fashion statement these days and a lot of fun for pet photos, costumes or just a day at the park. Some of the accessories are functional from protecting your pet’s eyes and keeping them warm to trendy and stylish hats and leg warmers. Fashion or Function, we don’t care they are fun to look at and a great way to show off your pet’s style. Your dog cat or furry friend will be styling when they add a fun pet accessory to their attire. Here are some great pet accessories for fun, parties or even Halloween.