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To Care For One’s Pet Is To Care For One’s Self

Taking care of your pet in an emergency can be scary. Being prepared, educated and ready to go when your pet needs you is the trick. Pick up the right pet first aid kit, balm or surgery require suit.



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Explore our Aging Pet Shop for tips, books and products that will help you make life with older pets easier on them and on you.

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Be prepared for injury on the trail, road trip or backyard with the right pet care supplies to fix them or keep them safe.

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Care for your pets the best way possible in hot summer months with dog-friendly sunscreen, paw balm and more.

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Fix pet paws from time spent on ice and snow, soften rough noses or reduce hot spots with the best products.

Protect pets with little to no hair during summer months with protective performance shirts.

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Provide support dogs with the right accessories, outfit your pet with products that keep them safe and more.

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When preparing for a day on the boat, at the beach or a hike on the river, don’t forget a lifejacket for the pup or kitten to keep them safe and sound.

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Protect or repair pet paws with pet-friendly shoes, socks and boots. Ideal for slippery indoor floors and rugged outdoor spaces.

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Protect your pet’s eyes on the motorcycle, bike or if they love to put their heads out the window.

Learn About Fear Free® Clinics and help your pet navigate their worry abut going to the vet, an injury or yearly shots.

Knowing your pet’s baseline temperature is an important part of caring for them.

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Did you know you can train your cat or create better behavior, a great read.

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