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Pet Cookbooks

Browse a curated collection of pet cookbooks with great pet food and treat recipes helping you make pet food made with love and somehow it just tastes better!


Welcome to our Pet Cookbook Shop. We have gathered our favorite cookbooks for dogs, cats and pets alike. Make your own pet food, give the gift of homemade pet treats to pet-lovers and caregivers or start your own pet food business. Each cookbook was creative with love and while some are for all pets, others offer dietary food options, healthier ingredient choices or treats that help your pet stay cool during hot summer days

You cannot go wrong with anything homemade!

Dog Cookbooks

Create healthy dog food with natural ingredients, bake your own cut out dog cookies or make a batch of tasty cat biscuits. Find the perfect recipe book and find your pet’s favorite recipes.

Cat Food Cookbooks

Pet Treat & Dessert Cookbooks