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Pet Cooking Supplies

Pet cooking gadgets, tools and decor for pet loving foodies & those who love to cook!


Welcome to our Pet Kitchen shop where you will find very cool pet-themed kitchen gadgets, home goods and gifts for pet-loving cooks. Whether your favorite chef loves to make goodies for their furry friends, serve up great food on a pet themed tray or you are looking for a hostess gift for a pet family you will find many great options.

There Is Nothing Like Showing Your Love Than With Food


Pet-Lover Cooking Tip: Use them to make pet or people cookies, biscuits and treats. Making them in these fun shapes sets them apart. Choose the right size for your pets treat needs. Keep in mind when buying cookie cutters to make sure the quality is good so they will last. Kitchen gadgets made of great quality will last a lifetime.

Assorted cookie cutters for your pet treats, people cookies or just for fun. For the longest lasting choose high quality stainless steel, but some of the cutest designs are plated tin, so make sure to wash and dry them immediately to ensure they stay in the best shape possible for may recipes to come.

Pet Molds & Silicone Sheets

Pet-Lover Homemade Treat Tips: Use silicone molds to create frozen treats in the summer that are fun for pets. Ice itself does not cool pets off, but they enjoy playing with them until the ice melts away. Fit will treats, snacks or small toys.

Pet Baking Pans

Pet-Lover Cooking Tips: Make pet cakes for birthday’s and celebrations, people dog themed parties or freeze them with treats or ice filled with toys to keep you pets cool.

Create a homemade extra large Rice Krispie treat, homemade chocolate cake or a pet-friendly pup cake for your next pet and people party. Use one of these pet shaped pans to make them a centerpiece.

Pet Cupcake Wrapper

Make homemade dog cupcakes or muffins for your pet’s birthday, party or just because.

Pet Sushi Kits

Pet-Lover Cooking Tips: Make dog, cat or both sushi for a fun family night, party food or housewarming gift for pet lovers.

Pet Measuring Spoons and Cups

Pet-Lover Cooking Tips: These fun kitchen tools and gadgets with pet art, design and style. They are great for giving as gifts, stocking stuffers, gift wrap toppers or for your kitchen to just make you smile.

Pet Cutting & Charcuterie Boards

Pet-Lover Cooking Tip: Charcuterie is still the rage, create a unique pet-themed board for pets or people at your next event and people will talk for all the right reasons.

Make you best pet lover happy with a gift of pet decor, gadgets and accessories for the kitchen that match their personality and style. We love these bamboo spoon holders that are a perfect touch by the stove for everyday cooking.

Pet Kitchen Accessories & Decor

Pet-Lover Cooking Tip: Use pet-themed kitchen gadgets when making homemade pet food and treats.

Dog Rolling Pins

Pet-over Cooking Tips: These unique rolling pins are great for rolling out pet treats, cake toppers, fondant or people pies. Use the pins and cookie cutters together to create great treats.

Pet Food Makers and Machines

Pet-Lover Tips: Make your own recipe for pet waffles, treats and cookies and use these fun little gadgets to cook them in great shapes.

Pet Food & Treat Packaging and Gift Wrap

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Pet-Lover Cooking Tips: Gift wrap homemade treats with pet-themed giftwrap supplies.

Pet Pot Holders, Trivets, Coasters & Towels

Add a little bit of pup in your kitchen decor with fun touches like kitchen towels, an apron or fun pot holders. Buy for yourself or pick one of each to give for housewarmings, Christmas or to say Thank You!

Pet Kitchen & Bar Art

Pet-Lover Kitchen Tips: Add a piece of fun pet art to kitchen spaces to bring a smile your face every day.