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Pet-Themed Tabletop and Serving Pieces

Browse our curated collection of pet-themed serving pieces, dishes, charcuterie and more…great gifts for pet-lovers


Welcome to our pet-friendly kitchen shop with a curated collection of pet themed kitchen gadgets and tools, cookbooks, pantry supplies and more. When pups are under toe and kitties won’t stay off the counter, we scurry them away, but they cannot help wanting to be part of the action and wait in hopes of something yummy hitting the floor. Check out these great pet-lover kitchen gadgets, tools, artwork and holiday decor.

Under Feet – On The Counter – In Our Hearts! Pets In The Kitchen

Pet-Themed Dinnerware

Pet Cutting & Charcuterie Boards

Make you best pet lover happy with a gift of pet decor, gadgets and accessories for the kitchen that match their personality and style. We love these bamboo spoon holders that are a perfect touch by the stove for everyday cooking.

Life with pets and people becomes even better when we embrace the special moments and little things. From planning a dog birthday celebration, homemade pet food created with high quality ingredients, to designing unique pet food stations to creating amazing pet-friendly gifts for the holidays.