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Pet-Lover Gifts & Books – Peruse a huge selection of fun & clever pet-lover gifts for those who love dogs, cats and all animals.

Seek Joy In What You Give, Not What You Get!

Welcome to our Pet-Lover Gift Boutique that is curated with a wide range of great pet-lover gifts that will ring a smile to those who love animals big and small. From mugs and wine glasses to journals and coasters. Grab a tote and fill it with pet-loving goodies or fill with gift certificates, handmade pet treats or just a simple thank you note. Take a look around to find the perfect item or two or grab a basket and create a unique pet-lover gift basket.



10 Gift Ideas For Pet Lovers

  1. Pet Art: Commission a local artist or find an online service that can create a personalized portrait of their beloved pet. Choose a piece of pet art that speaks to you. Grab a crafty pet kit and make it yourself or let your pet-lover create.
  2. Pet DNA Test Kit: Gift them the opportunity to learn more about their pet’s breed, ancestry, and potential health issues with a DNA testing kit designed for pets.
  3. Pet Gift Basket: Create a gift basket for both pet-lover and pet filled with all their favorite things from treats to apparel or a great pet themed movie and popcorn.
  4. Pet-themed Apparel or Accessories: Look for shirts, mugs, or jewelry featuring their favorite animal breed or pet-related slogans. Go for a matching set and they can hit the town. Try a pet themed game or puzzle.
  5. Pet Technology: Help them keep an eye on their furry friend while they’re away with a pet camera that allows them to monitor and interact with their pet remotely. Choose a GPS collar. How about an automatic kitty litter box.
  6. Personalized Pet Jewelry: Get a custom-engraved pet tag with their pet’s name and contact information to add a personal touch to their furry friend’s collar. Select a special necklace, bracelet, or add a pet charm to the charm bracelet they never take off.
  7. Pet-themed Home Decor: Find decorative items like throw pillows, wall art, or doormats featuring adorable pet designs to add a touch of whimsy to their home.
  8. Pet Massage or Grooming Session: Treat their pet to a professional grooming session or a relaxing massage to pamper them and keep them looking and feeling their best. Create a Pet Spa basket filled with everything they will need to DIY a pet spa at home.
  9. Pet-Friendly Kitchen Gifts: Gift them a cookbook filled with recipes for homemade pet treats and meals, cooking gadgets, or a great apron allowing them to spoil their furry friend with delicious and healthy snacks.
  10. Make It Person: Find the right wine glass, mug, or tote bag and personalize it with their name, pet’s name, or a fun pet saying. Choose their favorite thing from Disney® to football and marry the two ideas to find the perfect gift.