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If you are looking for a great gift for pet-loving families, co-workers or friend how about a puzzle, board game or a set of playing cards.

Board Games

Board games have been around since 3500 B.C. and are generally based on strategy, luck or experience. They can be a fun way to teach children life skills, encourage interaction with other humans or a good way to pass the time. The excitement definitely increases when animals are the focus.


Who does not love Monopoly? We sure do and who knew there was a Monopoly version dedicated to dogs, Dog Opoly and one all about cats, Cat Opoly. The boards are fun, the properties are great and the playing pieces are all pet themed. The games are set up just like Monopoly, but each game is dog or cat themed.

dog board games

Made by Late for the Sky who began making specialty board games in 1984. Their first game was MIAMIOPOLY, based on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The company founder and president is a 1980 graduate of Miami University and her time spent there served as the inspiration for the first game. They now offer a wide range of themed and even custom games.

Dogopoly is a fun game for dog families, puppy snuggles or animal lovers.

Also made by Late for the Sky, Catopoly is a fun game for cat families, cat lovers and your favorite cat lady. Great cat pictures, fun playing pieces and fleas that never bite. Wrap this board game for Christmas, Birthday or to say a big Thank You to your favorite cat sitter.

cat board game monopoly pets cats dogs animals family game night

For those who love cats, this Crazy For Cats Monopoly Game is a great gift choice to say Thank You, Merry Christmas or just because.

Need a version for younger family members, here is a Cats vs. Dogs version of Monopoly that is great. The game asks “Which Side Are You On?” The game pieces are fun, the paw print money is perfect and you might get a snuggle or a lick along the way. Deal your kitty or pup in and help them play too.

Cats Vs. Dogs Monopoly is a fun family game for dog and cat families, families divided or animal lovers. Let’s see who gets the trophy game night and plan a rematch.

The Cat Game and The Dog Game are so much fun and the game boxes are so funny. Designed for ages 16+ these are terrific games to play with older kids, friends and adult family. This interactive drawing game is a lot of fun and will keep the laughs going. Designed by The Spin Master Company, founded in 1994 by two childhood friends.

cat game board games family games

The Cat Game – Don’t let the fur scare you, this game does not shed, but it will give you hours of fun on family game night.

The Dog Game – This ‘pawesome’ game is the perfect choice for dog families or families who wish they had a furry buddy.

Pet-Friendly Game Night

Get Up For Pup Board Game is fun for young families, a night with grandkids or in the classroom. It encourages children to get up and dance, run and crawl about. Children love when adults play along and this game encourages it!!!!

Shelby’s Snack Shack Board Game – Bring a little pug love into your home with this kid-friendly board game that is fun for everyone. A great choice for the classroom, dog themed party or family game night.

Choose pet themed games for children who love dogs, cats and animals. This will encourage them to play, learn new skills and spend family time!!

Pet-Family Tip: Host a pet and people game night. Serve snacks that will be enjoyed by all. Don’t forget to grab the camera and take some candid shots to remember the fun. For group games, add your pals to the team.

Pet-Friendly Playing Cards & Card Games

Playing cards is a great pastime for all ages. A fun way to learn numbers, strategy and the memory. We found some amazing pet themed card games, beautiful designed decks of cards and silly animal images that make you want to flip to the next card.

Created by Grandpa Beck’s Games, Nuts About Mutts is a simple elimination card game that is perfect for kids 7 and up. The art is wonderful, the game is simple and perfect for 3-8 players.

Hand Painted Dog Playing Card and Hand Painted Cat Playing Card – these beautiful playing cards are a great gift for animal lovers alike. Made by Elephant Playing Cards, which began with a the design of a single deck of cards. They collaborate with talented artists from around the world to create amazing card decks.

Animal Themed Playing Cards

Here are some other great animal and pet card choices that make the perfect stocking stuffers, small gift exchange or thank you gift to your best animal lover.

About Dogs Word Teasers are fantastic for dinner parties, conversation starters and just plain fun. A great gift for dog lovers, pet families or office gift exchange.

Dog & Cat Puzzles

Puzzles pass the time for young and old and these great dog and cat puzzles will be fun for animal loving families. Gift as a gift to dog walkers, dog groomers and dog sitters or keep for your pet loving family.

So next time you are picking up a game for family game night, a gift for a dog or cat loving friend or a dirty Santa gift exchange, why not a pet themed board game, puzzle or deck of cards and we hope one of our Best Pet Themed Game featured items inspires you!

As we spend more time indoors this fall and winter season we wanted to inspire animal lovers young and old to put phones down and plan a family game night. Game playing has been around for many hundreds of years, but family night has definitely gained popularity in the last 100 years. It is a great way to get everyone out of their phones and communicating.

Of course the team at Wild Love Tails wanted to share their favorite animal themed board games, playing cards and puzzles. Finding the best pet themed games, gifts and gadgets is what we love to do.

People have been entertaining themselves with creative games that build skills, exercise the brain and make us laugh. There are some pretty famous board games like Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble, but did you know there were pet themed games that will top your list. From classics to new games, here are our choices for best pet themed games, a little history about the game and a few fun tips.


Chess is a very old and interesting game. The legend has it that it was invented in China around 200 B.C. by commander, Hán Xin, who was said to have created the game to represent a particular battle, but it was not played in the traditional way. It was not until the 7th century A.D. that chess came back on the scene with new rules of play. Chess has taken on a life of its own over the years with tournaments being created in its honor, elaborately created chess pieces and a game shared by some very important people.

“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” – Marcel Duchamp

The game pieces feature kings, queens and knights, but our choice had to be this set of Dogs Verses Cats Chess Set. The pieces are beautifully made in Italy and are a great set to keep on display. The pieces are solid resin and beautifully hand-painted. They sit on a standard 1 inch base with felt pads. The set does not come with the board, you can replace your standard pieces or check out the board with storage drawer below.

chess pieces, dogs, king, queen, rook, dog house, chess board, game, play, family night, dog lover, cat lover, ties, vintage, game, play

The chess opponents choose to be the cats or the dogs and may the best succeed by the end of this game of strategy. A game for two, one can hold the cat on their lap, while the other can snuggle with the dog during the game.

cats, king, queen, animals, play, game, board, chess, rooks, playing pieces, game pieces, animal game, pet game, family games

For a bit of inspiration, the Netflix Movie, “The Queens Goblet” is a great movie that takes everyone inside the game. The movie is definitely not for young viewers, but has gotten strong reviews and worth the watch.

chess game board, checker, blocks, box, board, game

If you are also in need of a chess board, this is a great choice. Beautifully made and includes a storage drawer to house each piece in its own compartment to help them retain their beauty.

chess board storage drawer handmade popular quality best top voted gift


madd capp, checkers, dogs, dice, game board, dog bowl, dog bones, family game night, game night, play, box

Checkers is also an old game with simple moves and lots of strategy. We love this Dog Checkers version with dog bowls rather than checker pieces that you can fill with dog bones to crown yourself.