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Pet Sunscreen


Don’t forget the pet sunscreen, but never use human sunscreen, it is not safe for pets!


Just as sun protection has become an important part of daily life for humans, so should it for our pets, especially those who have little to no fur, light colored fur or have exposed skin. The sun can do quite a number on pet skin when exposed for long periods of time, especially in the heat of the summer, on the water, or even on a sunny ski slope. It is so important to note that pets cannot ever use human sunscreen, it is like given them poison. So please read labels carefully and keep your pet supplies and people supplies separate when traveling to the beach, park or on any outdoor adventures.

Did someone say pool day!

The Best Pet-Friendly Sunscreens & Sun Skin Blocks

Q. Can I use people sunscreen on my dog?

A. NO! Dogs are allergic to zinc, a product often found in human sun screens. ONLY use a sun screen and lotion product created safely for pets. Avoid people sunscreen for cats as well, always use non-toxic and avoid if your pets are focused on licking it off.

Understand Pets and the Sun

The magnificent sun is both beneficial and potentially harmful to both pets and humans. While we gain vitamins, a bit of color and it regulates sleep cycles, it also can cause heatstroke, sunburn, and skin cancer. The same care we as humans need to take when spending time in the sun should be taken into consideration with our pets. We often do not realize the damage the sun is doing to our pets until it is too late and they have permanent skin issues or even skin cancer.

Offering a shady spot to pets is always a good idea during peak sun hours. Time under a tree, under a summer umbrella or a pet-sized open air tent will help do the trick, but protecting pets from the sun’s rays is still imperative. Find the right pet-safe sunscreen for your dog, cat or other small pet. Choose a spray for pets who don’t care for lotions or balms but make sure you apply it well. Don’t forget exposed areas like pet noses, ears, and paws so they are protected from both the sun and the heat of the pavement or sand.

Now that your pet’s skin is taken care of, don’t forget to hydrate them well. While water won’t protect your pet from the sun, it will keep them healthy on the inside and help to prevent heatstroke or other heat related illnesses.

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