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Journal Tail Tips™: For Pet-Friendly Road Trips

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Journal Tail Tips™: For Pet-Friendly Road Trips

Before hitting the road, skim these helpful tips to make road trips a breeze!

Road trips are a trendy new vacation option that is taking the world by storm. Jet setters who once took to the skies are packing the car, letting the dog jump in, and hitting the road. Travelers who prefer to travel with their pets in tow are also enjoying the flexibility, adventure, and safety of road travel. The surge in road trip popularity of this once retro form of travel has made way for updated pet-friendly accommodations, rest stops that cater to pets and people, and pet and family-friendly activities along the way.

Freedom & Flexibility

One of the key attractions of road trips is the freedom to set your own schedule. Travelers can choose their routes, destinations, and pace, allowing for a more personalized and adaptable experience. This flexibility appeals to those who enjoy spontaneous detours, discovering hidden gems, and making unplanned stops. This also allows you to better adhere to your pet’s feeding schedule, plan walk time, and allow some pet recreation when necessary.

Adventure & Nature

The surge in road trips has also aligned with an increased interest in nature and outdoor activities. Many destinations are now pet-friendly or offer pet-friendly options including national parks, campsites, and rural destinations. Many becoming favorite stops for road trippers, offering opportunities to hike, camp, and other outdoor activities. Whether staying at a campsite, RV, or pet-friendly hotel, find a place near nature to enjoy the outdoors.

Budget-Friendly & Pet-Friendly

As airfares increase and pet air travel costs and guidelines change, choose road over air is much easier on the wallet. With many hotels offering pet-friendly accommodations without extra fees, the travel budget is definitely enhanced. The elimination of car rentals on the other end is also a cost saver, allowing you to outfit your car for travel, rather than prepare a rental when you arrive.

While traveling about town with pets is pretty simple, longer road trips warrant a little more preparation to make the trip better for both pets and their people. It is also important to understand the type of traveler your pet is before you hit the road to ensure you are prepared for their anxiety, need to have their head in the wind, or their desire for napping accommodations. Consider doing a test run with pets who have not spent much time in the car and preparing new pups quickly to ensure they are ready for a road trip when you are. We are sharing our favorite tips when travel with dogs:

Plan Pet-Friendly Stops

Research pet-friendly hotels, parks, and rest areas along your route. This helps ensure you have places to rest, walk your pet, and find accommodation that welcomes animals. Stop often to stitch everyone’s legs!

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Keep Pets Secure

Ensure your pet is safely secured in the vehicle. Use a carrier for smaller pets or a pet seatbelt/harness for larger dogs. This prevents distractions and keeps them safe in case of sudden stops.

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Pack Pet Supplies

Pack enough food, water, and treats for the trip, along with bowls, a leash, toys, a blanket, grooming supplies, waste bags, and a first aid kit. Consider a pet only suitcase or bag to help keep you organized.

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Help Pets Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated in the car, during adventures or in the room. Pack water bottles, portable bowls and even folding bowls to be prepared. Carry fresh water and offer water at every stop.

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Pet First Aid Kit

Be prepared for anything with a pet specific first aid kit and supplies. If your adventure will take you off road, consider reading up on how to care of your pet if they are injured. Consider a wellness check before heading out.

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Consider GPS Collars

LEAD smart collars dog cat GPS tracking Bluetooth

Explore the various bluetooth, Smart, and electric pet collars and fences to help keep track of pets along the journey. Even if your pet is not a runner, new environments could cause a stir.

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Bedding For Pets

Stay hydrated in the car, during adventures or in the room. Pack water bottles, portable bowls and even folding bowls to be prepared. Carry fresh water and offer water at every stop.

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Portable Potty Supplies

When traveling for a few days or few months, prepare ahead for pet’s potty needs to keep the odor away and clean up a breeze. Disposable options are great for hotel stay or for day trips.

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Consider A New Toy

Consider adding a familiar item, like a favorite toy, to help your pet feel comfortable. You might also want to add a few new toys that help to make the trip more exciting.

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