Pet First Aid & Wound Care

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Q. Is there a product to stop my dog from chewing and biting his leg?

A. Yes, try something bitter. Stop The Chew is a great product to try. This non-toxic spray will deter most dogs from licking hot spots, wounds and rashes. Every pup is different so give it a try and see if it offers relief for your canine.


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Pet Ointments & Sprays

Choose products that are designed for dogs, cats or pets. They are formulated with ingredients that are safe for pets. Always test the product in a small spot to make sure your pet is not allergic, it does not further irritate the skin and if it provides relief. Read the reviews, do the research and choose the products that are best designed for your pet’s need. Here are a few of our picks.

Pet Thermometer

Pet Bandages and First Aid Kits

We love this Dog First Aid Tin that is perfect for storing pet care supplies in style. Ideal for daily meds, bandages and healing ointments. A great gift idea for new puppy, rescue and dog owners that will be so appreciated.

Pet Bandages

Pet First Aid Kits are important to store in the car, campsite or a day hike. Be prepared for a small cut, burnt paws or limp. You never know what is around the corner on the hiking trail, a secluded campsite or on the road.

Pet Medical Gadgets & Helpers

We wanted to make it a bit easier to do as you are told when asked to bring in a sample of your pet’s solid waste. Here are a few helpful products.

Pet Care Books

Know your stuff when you head to the trails, road trip or with pets who have chronic issues. Here are some great books that you can slip into your pet first aid kit, store on your phone or review, so you know what to do if needed.

Pet Healing Apparel

If the vet recommends protecting the wound site, try one of these cleverly designed pet body socks that will ‘hide’ the wound from your pet. Available for every breed and dog size to meet your needs. Here are a few options that will hide surgery spots on the belly, back, head and legs.

Pet Diapers

It is a part of every pet’s life, getting older. Here are a few products we trust will help things around the home.

Pet Accident Pads

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