Ideas For Storing Pet Treats and Food That Look Great Anywhere In Your Home

Love To Give Pet Treats…Here Are Some Great Storage Ideas

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Interior Designers think outside of the box when it comes to storing pet food, treats, snacks and supplies. Choosing designer pet supplies, repurposing kitchen canisters or filling a cookie jar with pet snacks.

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Here at Wild Love Tails, we understand that your love for your pets doesn’t mean sacrificing your stylish interior. We believe that pet care items should not only serve their function but also seamlessly blend with your home decor. Gone are the days of plastic tubs and containers littering your spaces – we’re here to embrace clever storage solutions for pet treats that reflect your unique style.  

Our philosophy is rooted in the intersection of functionality, quality, and aesthetics. We curate classic, high-quality pet product choices that not only serve the needs of your furry friends but also complement your design sensibilities. Whether you’re a fan of minimalistic design, rustic charm, or modern elegance, we’ve got a solution that will resonate with your vision.

Be Inspired…..

Canister Sets

Canister sets make idea pet food and treat storage. They allow you to keep a few pet snack options on hand in airtight containers that look great in pet, laundry and kitchen spaces. We love the ability to label your containers, reminding you what is inside, the date you made them or say something fun. Canister sets usually come in sets of 3 and a variety of sizes making them a great choice for pet storage.

enamel pet supplies treat holders custom chalkboard

Go Vintage or Go Home!

Add these rustic, White Enamel & Chalkboard Canisters to your kitchen, laundry or pet space to store pet food for the dog, cat or an assortment of treats. Use the chalkboard space to jot down the contents, made dates or who’s is who’s to help you keep it all straight.

Galvanized Pet Food and Treat Canisters – these might be our favorite choice.  They are stackable, look old, have a great design and allow you to store food, treats and snacks in a clever, stylish way.  Ideal for industrial, rustic, vintage and farmhouse style home decor.

galvanized dog treat holder

Clear Dog Treat Food Glass jars

Glass Pet Food and Treat Storage Container – this clear container is perfect to show off what is inside, but the airtight lid keeps food and treats fresh.  The glass is washable and will stay looking great.  made by the Anchor Hocking in Lancaster Ohio.  Here is a great link to order custom decals you can put onto the front of your jars that fit your style – Inperfectwithstyle – Etsy Shop Such a great idea for pet lover gifts for teachers, coaches, neighbors and pet parties.

Designer Style Pet Treat Containers

From trendy to vintage and from modern to handmade, there are so many options for storing bought or handmade pet treats. We love the idea of filling these great canisters and giving them as a gift to teachers, dog walkers, coaches, next door neighbors or for a gift exchange. Gift the gift of homemade.

Dog Food Farmhouse Canister Set – A great look for industrial, modern and funky pet spaces, these dog food galvanized containers and scoops hold pet food with fun style. 

dog food storage jar container tin

metal dog food storage

White Metal Dog Food and Dog Treat Containers with Scoop – simple square white metal containers that are ready to hold store bought or homemade dog food and dog treats and put on display in the kitchen, mud room or pet food spaces.

Black Noir Treat Container – we are all about subtle, classic ways to store pet products that fit perfectly in our every day lives.  This simple matte finish black treat container does just that.  Ideal for vintage, retro, industrial and lodge style homes.

modern dog pet treat holder

copper dog pet treat holder

Copper Pet Food with Lid – hammered metal dog food container with gold metal plate ‘Pet Food’ a great choice for filling with your favorite dog or kitty food. A great gift for new pet owners.

Metal Dog Food Container – Enamel dog food container with sketched bone design. Fill and top with lid to keep dog food close by and looking good in your dog space.

Red Vintage Dog Treat Container Frenchie French Bulldog Rustic tin container gift homemade treats

Red Rustic Dog Biscuit Container – a vintage style dog biscuit container is a great option for home decor styles with antiques, vintage accents and rustic style decor.  Fill with food, handmade treats or dog goodies. 

MacKenzie-Childs Canister – the fun and whimsical look of MacKenzie- Childs is perfect for storing treats for dogs and cats.  Available in a few sizes so pick the one that is best for your dog breed or choose few and fill with homemade treats.  A great idea for Christmas gifts – buy one for each pet lover and fill with homemade pet treats.

Mackenzie Childs black and white check canister

frenchie french bulldog

Frenchie Dog Treat Jar – Free French Kisses is just what we love. This adorable French inspired dog food treat jar is a fun gift for Frenchie owners, dog lovers or even for your desk to hold people treats who miss their pups. 


Vintage Blue Retro Dog Treat Holders – this aqua toned dog treat jar is a great look in vintage, farmhouse and designer spaces. Fill you your favorite pup biscuits, snacks or treats. Fill and give to your favorite dog lover.

vintage green turquoise dog treat jar

handprinted unique dog treat holder designer

Watercolor Dog Treat Jar – This pretty dog treat jar features a range of amazing watercolor pup art that will make you smile. Fill with bones, treats, snacks or biscuits that your doggy loves!!!

Red Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Holder – A whimsical choice to store dog treats or food. Add to dog themed spaces, fun decor touches or even in a fun retro kitchen.

Fire Hydrant Dog Treat Jar


Stylish Large Pet Food Storage Container Ideas

Buying large bags of pet food is such a smart idea, but who wants that big bag sitting around or going out to the garage or storage closet to fill the dog’s bowl. Well here are some great pet food storage ideas that you will love and they fit right in.

A Pet Food Storage Cabinet is a great way to store bulk pet food. Two bin spaces allow you to store two different pet foods for the dogs and the cats or for dietary needs. Easy to remove bins are ideal for quick clean up. Extra drawers are ideal for storing pet supplies and the counter is screaming for a set of pet treat storage containers.

dog treat cabinet food storage

antique metal barrel and wooden lid

Vintage Metal Pet Food Container with Wooden Lid – we love this larger size drum that is ideal for storing larger amounts of pet food and look at the same time.  It doubles as a side table or stool and lets you keep the pet food inside and close at hand.

Galvanized Metal Pet Food Storage Can – a more modern style, this can stores up to about 15 pounds of food and fits well inside the pantry, kitchen, laundry room or mud room.  A great look for industrial, modern, traditional and farmhouse home decor. 

Mini Galvanized Garbage Can Dog Food Storage

Go Hands-free with this Vintage White Metal Storage Can. The pedal makes it easy to open, scoop and feed your pets with ease. The side handles make it easy to tote when needed.

How about a Motion Activated Lid Pet Food Can? What a great idea when you have your hands full with the scoop, bowl and holding back the hungry troops.

Choosing the right storage for your pet food, dog treats and kitty snacks will make life with pets even better. For pets that like to sneak a treat, use a lid and for small spaces, choose a decorative element that fits right in. We are all about finding great products for pets and people. To see our entire collection of pet food storage, treat containers and snack jars, visit our Pet Food Department

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To see our entire collection of pet food storage, treat containers and snack jars, visit our Pet Eat & Drink Supplies Department

At Wild Love Tails, we champion a world where homes are shared harmoniously by pets and people alike. Our mission is to provide pet-centric products that align with the human love for design and quality, enhancing the cohabitation experience. We’re all about creating an environment that both you and your pets will love and thrive in. So, join us on this journey as we redefine pet care aesthetics, one stylish pet product at a time.