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Find luggage for pets and luggage to store pet supplies.

Welcome to our Pet Luggage Shop where we share our favorite bag for commuting to work with pets, hiking the trails or a day at the farmer’s market. Choose the right bag for your pet’s mobility, the weather and what you are up for. Luggage also makes a great gift for pet lovers to pack for themselves or their pets when they are on the go.



Fanny Packs and Dog Walking Bags

Choose the perfect fanny pack, belt tote, cross body or hands free bag to assist you on your next dog walk, the perfect gift for your favorite dog walker or for life on the go with pups in tow.

Pet Suitcases & Duffle Bags

Travel with our pets has become a way of life and unique pet travel supplies is a key to making the trip nice and easy. From road trips to campsites and from airplanes to hotel rooms, pets are now welcome in so many more places. When our pets are away of home we may need to bring some unique items with us, along with their favorite toys, blankets and bedding. To make the adventure safe, enjoyable and even more relaxing here are a few great products we found to make that happen.

Pet Travel Carriers

Pet Carriers & Totes

Add this unique fashion accessory to your wardrobe and hit the shopping mall, head to work or lunch with friends. This cozy pet carrier is the perfect size for small pups and kitties.

Pet Slings & Backpack Carriers

Pet slings are ideal for cats and small dogs who like to snuggle close and spend time with your on a walk, Farmer’s Market, the park or other pet friendly event or activity.

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