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Choosing the right pet carrier for your or your pets can be a challenge, but a great idea for a hike, day at the park or picking up some great handmade items at the farmer’s market. Make sure the size, weight capacity and quality is inline with you are your pet breed. From backpacks to take a small pet on the go to saddlebags that let your pup handle a little bit of the legwork, we have found some great options. Each item featured on the site was chosen for its quality, style and function. Click on the item link to learn more and a small portion of any products purchased may come back to our team. We appreciate you support and hope we were able to help you find the pet backpack, saddlebag or carrier you were looking for.



Tote Bags, Backpacks and Saddlebags for dogs

Small & Medium Size Pet Backpacks & Bags

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Q. Do they make dog backpacks?
A. Yes, there are dog backpacks, saddlebags and totes. Be sure to find one that works well for your dog’s size, build and weight. It is a great way to help you pup to carry some of the load on a hike, long walk or about town. Note: never fill with heavy items and weigh your dog down.

Large & XL Size Pet Backpacks & Bags

Pet Backpack Carriers

Heading out to camp or hike, you might need a few more pet supplies.

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Headed for a day hike or an outdoor adventure with pets, check out our collection of outdoor pet supplies.
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A harness may be a better choice over a backpack or add them together. Visit our harness shop.
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Clip on a lightweight water bowl to your pet’s harness, backpack or your tote and hit the trails.
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