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How The Wild Love Tails Site Works

We did the work for you, researching, curating and organizing collections of pet supplies to make your life easier!

Welcome to our How The Wild Love Tails Site Works page that is filled with helpful hits and step by step instructors to help you find a gift for a dog, the perfect cat dish or pet gear for your next camping trip. No matter what you are looking for, our goal is to help you find it quickly!

Choose an eShopping option – Take a look around – Click on any item to find out more or make a purchase our one of our partner vendors.

This option is so much fun, simply type what you are looking for and hit enter. You will be presented with amazing results!

eShopping Option 2: Use The Wild Love Tails Map

This clever map lets you take a look around our big pet shop to see all that it has to offer. Unlike most pet shops that just focus on pet food, pet toys and pet supplies, we take things to the next level with a Pet Fashion Shop, a Pet Home Shop and even a Pet Gift Shop.

How To Use Our Shop Map

Begin With The Pet Shop Map

This interactive map is linked to all the shops on the site, you can zoom in to see each shop and click on any of the shops you want to explore.

Click this image to open the interactive map

Map Tips:

  • Each time you click a new tab opens in your browser, allowing you to keep them open and shop anytime.
  • Each shop icon represents a specialty shop inside our Pet Shop
  • You can move back and forth using your back arrows
  • You can have more than one tab open at a time as you explore
  • To get back to the beginning you can hit the Home button anytime.
  • You can access the map anytime from the Map Tab
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These are Shop Lead and they will help you move around the shop. Click on any of them to explore what is behind each one. Each Shop Lead offers you a choice that will take you through the site, you may encounter a few sets of choices or you may move right were you need to go depending on large the specialty shop is.

eShopping Option 3: Take A Look Around

Our site is designed to let you take a look around just like shopping at the mall. Start by clicking our Pet Shop Button and move about the shop by making a choice.

You choose where you want to shop next..

Begin By Entering The Store

Enter the WildLoveTails Pet Store by clicking on the icon below. You will find this on our home page too. You will be given a series of choices, click one and you will enter the shop. You can use the back arrow to go back a step and make a different choice.

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Click this image to start browsing.

Browsing Tips:

  • Click on the Shop Lead to make choices and enter shops anywhere in the site.
  • You may see the same shops in different places depending on their relevance.
  • Each shop is dedicated to a specialty category and worth exploring
  • You can use the Search function anytime along the way.
  • You can see every shop on the site by exploring the first 6 shops.
  • You can click on any featured products and your will be directed the the supplier’s site for product information and order details.

You will encounter the opportunity to make shopping choices along the way. Simply click where you want to go next and continue the journey. You can back click to make a different choice. These shops are the gateway to visit all the shops on the site.

Searching Tips:

Use Search Anytime

If you currently shop online, you are very familiar with the Search function that assists you in finding what you are looking for. You will find a search bar on every page at the bottom.

Use search to start your journey, you will find a search bar at the bottom of every page.

Search Tips:

  • Search for a product, category, or question.
  • We are continually improving our search results, we apologize if you experience an error message, please try a different search
  • Use the search bar to help us guide you.

We control what our search returns with the goal to improve the results. Due to the work we are doing behind the scenes you may experience an error message, but don’t give up on us, good things are coming.

eShopping Tips and How To Buy:

About Our Curated Shopping Pages

WildLoveTails.com is a collection of curated eShopping pages filled with the most amazing pet and pet-lover products. eShop from your phone, tablet or computer, allowing you to shop your way, anytime, any place.

Shopping Tips:

  • Scroll down each page to view the curated collection of products
  • Click on the image or the link and you will be directed to our supplier to find out more about the products, color choices, pricing and to make a purchase.
  • Keep product pages open in your browser to continue shopping or to make your decision.
  • Save products to Pinterest to organize your purchase.
  • Share the product collection with a fellow pet-lover if you think they would enjoy it.

How To Buy Something?

Click on any image or link and you will move to a supplier shop where you can find out more about the product, color options, prices and more. You can decide to make a purchase or leave the item in your cart and shop later. We work with a large number of suppliers across many sectors. We work hard to keep all of the links alive, if you find one that is not working and need the product info please let us know. info@wildlovetais.com

We are an affiliate website, allowing us to focus on offering the largest selection of pet products in the world and relying on our vendors to do the rest. We receive a small percentage of any sales we make at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support and hope that we made your eShopping experience more enjoyable.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, send us a note and we can direct you to the category – info@wildlovetails.com