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Pet Toys

Pet Toys

Welcome to our Paws and Whiskers Pet Toy Shop, your ultimate destination for all things for pet play! Our shop is brimming with delightful options for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pet toy to give for a special occasion like birthdays and holidays, or simply want to treat your furry friend on any given day, we’ve got you covered. Explore our diverse collection that includes everything from handmade and personalized toys to innovative heartbeat toys designed to comfort aging pets. At Paws and Whiskers, we believe in adding joy to your pet’s life with fun and thoughtful ideas. Come in and discover the perfect toy to bring a wag to their tail or a purr to their day!


Explore a huge selection of dog toys from balls to bones and from chew toys to stuffed animals.


A fun collection of every size, type and shape of dog balls you can imagine.


Peruse dog toy baskets, bins, and buckets to help keep pet stuff organized.
pet toys
Browse a complete selection of toys, activities, and playtime activities for your pet.


Browse a vast selection of pet toys for pups and dogs of all sizes and breeds and for kitties all ages and shapes. Pet toys should be chosen based on breed, aggressiveness, and personality. Some larger breeds are very careful with their toys, while some teacups can tear up a good rubber toy. Test a few to find out which are best.

No reason to count when the pet toys mount!

Browse a wide selection of pet toys for dogs and supplies of all shapes and sizes. While some pups have their favorites, others like something new constantly. Recycle dog toys by washing and hiding them and reintroducing them.

Check out the puppy toys we have gathered for the new little pups in your life.

For pets who love them some fitness, check ut these great toys.

Fill pet stockings with Christmas Pet Toys.

For pets who love them some fitness, check ut these great toys.

Not all cats love to play, but those who do are so fun to watch. Some love to roll balls, others chase feathers, and still others don’t stop until they capture the toy mouse that jumps away.

Browse to find kitten sized toys when it is kitten time.

Grab a perch, scratch post or shelves to provide entertainment to your kitties.

Statistics show that over 70% of pet owners purchase at least one gift for their dog, cat, or all their pets. Some choose seasonal themed gifts, while others use Christmas as a great excuse to buy a new “favorite” toy to freshen up the play box. It is always important to check gifted toys to make sure they are suitable for your pet and are not dangerous or cause a huge play mess.