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‘Not All Homes Should Have A Cat, But All Cats Should Have A Home’

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Not all homes should have a cat, but all cats should have a home. If you found our Rescue Cat Shop we are pretty sure you just got a new kitty, saved a stray or adopted a rescue. We think we are as excited you are here as you are!! Now that a kitty has a forever home, we want to do all we can to help you with ideas, information and the pet supplies you need to make life with your new furry friend perfect.

Scroll down a bit to find our favorite shops to help you gather everything you need, ideas to create a cat space and well just some fun stuff. Take a look around and if you find something you like, click the image or link to find out more from one of our great suppliers.

Let us help you prepare before a new member of the family arrives.

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Should I rescue a stray cat?

The answer is absolutely. While all feral and stray cats are not the same, many are not cut out to live with humans, but many are wired to live with humans and will thrive. Before an official adoption you want to give them time to warm up to you and see how it goes. Once they are comfortable around you, plan a vet visit. Don’t forget a crate to keep them safe.

Contact the Human Society of the United States, your local shelter or a Facebook Group dedicated to helping you find the perfect pet partner and to learn all you can about kitten, cat and pet adoption.

Rescue Cat Shop

Browse our Rescue Cat Shop filled with a full range of products curated to help you prepare with life with your new kitty. Rescuing a cat is a little different than adopting a kitten.

Rescue Cat Tips

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Rescue Cat Tips & Hints

Bringing a rescue from the shelter or from the neighborhood can sometimes be a challenge, but be patient, you will win them over. If this is your first cat or first rescue, it is important to know that each kitty has their own personality, so focus on getting to know them and give them the space they need to find their way. If you are rescuing a kitty from the neighborhood you will want to take them to the vet right away for a checkup and to get their shots. They will be able to let you know the age, sex and their health. You can decide next steps based on this feedback. Generally cats or kittens rescued from a shelter have been evaluated, received their shots and may are spayed or neutered before being put up for adoption.

Before you bring your cat or kitten home or once you make the decision to rescue, you will want to create a kitty space. This can be a corner, space in the laundry room or under the stairs. Exposing your rescue to their space immediately will teach them the boundaries, while providing them with everything they need to live a great life with you. Don’t be surprised if they do not play the way you think they should or react to toys you give them, they were never taught to play, they focused on survival, safety and their surroundings. This does not mean they won’t play, snuggle and have fun, they might just do it a little different than a kitten who learns to play from a young age.

  • Be Patient – give your new kitty time to adjust
  • Be Kind – talk softly with your kitty even if it seems like they are not paying attention. They are getting used to your voice.
  • Use their Name – if you are using their given name, they should respond soon enough and if you are re-naming your kitty, repetition will work, just keep using the same name, same tone and use it often.
  • Create A Kitty Space – you can keep it simple or go all out, either way, you want to introduce the new kitty to their space. Grab a pillow or blanket and park yourself in the space and welcome them, making them feel comfortable.
  • Litter Box Training – if kitty is a stray rescue, you will need to teach them how to use the littler box. Start with an uncovered litter box and if possible put them and the litter box in a closed space, allowing them to explore and find it on their own. They will not potty on demand, but they will figure it out.
  • Grab a Good Cat Book – even if this is not your first cat, there are some really great books out there. It will remind you of life with cats and we hope a few good tips to make life even better.
  • Claws ‘Becare’ – kitty may or may not have claws, we need to be clear, we don’t judge. A kitty without claws is alive and in a good home and kitty with claws may need a little help not destroying furniture, rugs or household accessories. Add a scratch pad and train them to use the it to sharpen claws and do what cats do.
  • Taste Test – you might want to pick up a few different cat foods to see which one is the favorite. We often listen to ads, do too much research, but we forget to find out what our furry friends might choose. You want to make sure you don’t introduce a poor quality food, but there are so many great pet foods on the market, you can see have a little fun and do a kitty taste test by introducing a small amount of each one and see which one is the winner.
  • Find A Cat Spot – mind you, kitties will move around a bit, find hiding spots and sleep a lot, but designating their “spot” is a good idea by putting their blanket there and keeping it where you want them to spend most of their time.

Rescue Cat Checklist


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