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Cat Potty Shop – Helping You Manage Your Kitty’s Potty Needs


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Find the right litter box for your cat, multiple kitties, or litter box trained pups. From cabinets ideal for hiding away litter boxes in plain site to modern designs that don’t look too bad.

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When you love your kitty, but hate litter box clean up day, consider investing in an automatic litter box. Technology just keeps getting better with litter boxes that literally clean themselves.

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Traveling with kitties can be a bit of a struggle, but grab a portable litter box or disposable options to make clean up a breeze on the road, campsite, or hotel.

Our Cat Potty Shop where you will find the latest technology, products and tips for managing your kitty’s potty needs. Litter boxes are an essential component of indoor cat care, providing a designated space for cats to fulfill their natural instincts for elimination in a clean and controlled manner. These come in various designs, from simple, open trays to sophisticated, self-cleaning units, catering to the diverse preferences of both feline users and their human companions. Alongside the litter box itself, the choice of litter—ranging from clumping clay to biodegradable options—plays a crucial role in managing odor and cleanliness, contributing to a harmonious living environment. Accompanied by a range of accessories such as scoops, liners, and mats, litter boxes not only facilitate a vital aspect of feline hygiene but also reflect the evolving understanding of pet care, aiming to balance the natural behaviors of cats with the convenience and aesthetics desired by pet owners.

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Introducing a cat to a potty and litter box involves a collection of products designed to meet the varied needs of feline companions, ensuring they have a comfortable, hygienic space to do their business. Here’s an overview of essential items and innovative solutions that can enhance the litter box experience for cats and their owners:

1. Basic Litter Boxes

  • Traditional Litter Boxes: These are simple, open trays made of plastic. They’re affordable and widely available, but some cats prefer more privacy.
  • Covered Litter Boxes: Offering more privacy for cats, these boxes have a lid on top. They help contain odors and litter but require regular cleaning to prevent odor buildup inside the cover.
  • Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes: Automated boxes that sift and remove waste into a separate compartment after the cat has used it. They’re convenient and minimize odor but can be expensive and require power.

2. Litter Types

  • Clumping Clay Litter: Highly popular due to its ability to form solid clumps when wet, making cleanup easier. It’s effective at controlling odor but can be dusty.
  • Non-Clumping Clay Litter: Absorbs urine but doesn’t form clumps, often resulting in more frequent changes of the entire litter box.
  • Silica Gel Litter: Made from silica beads, it’s highly absorbent and controls odor well. It’s dust-free and lightweight but more expensive than clay.
  • Biodegradable Litters: Made from materials like recycled paper, wood, corn, or wheat. They’re environmentally friendly and often dust-free, but their odor control varies.

3. Accessories

  • Litter Mats: Placed in front of the litter box to catch any litter stuck to the cat’s paws, reducing tracking throughout the house.
  • Litter Scoops: Essential for cleaning clumping litter, they come in various sizes and materials to suit different types of litter.
  • Odor Eliminators: Sprays or additives for the litter that help neutralize or mask odors, keeping the area around the litter box smelling fresh.
  • Litter Box Liners: Liners can make cleaning easier by allowing you to lift and remove all the litter at once, but some cats don’t like the feel of liners and may avoid the box.

4. Training Aids

  • Attractant Sprays: Designed to encourage cats to use the litter box by mimicking natural scents that appeal to them.
  • Training Kits: Some products help transition an outdoor cat to using a litter box or teach a kitten the basics of litter box use.

5. Furniture and Enclosures

  • Litter Box Furniture: Pieces that conceal the litter box within a more aesthetically pleasing exterior, like a cabinet or bench, blending seamlessly with home décor.

Introducing Cats to the Litter Box

Introducing a cat to its litter box is usually straightforward, as cats are naturally inclined to bury their waste. Place the cat gently in the litter box after meals or when they wake up to encourage them to get used to it. Make sure the litter box is in a quiet, accessible location and away from their food and water. For homes with multiple cats, the general rule is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra, to prevent territorial issues.

Choosing the right combination of litter box, litter type, and accessories can greatly impact your cat’s comfort and willingness to use the designated potty area, as well as make maintenance easier and more efficient for you.

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