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DIY Cat Spaces & Decor Ideas – Create the ultimate cat room, wall, corner or space.

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DIY Cat Spaces & Decor Ideas – Create the ultimate cat room, wall, corner or space.

Whether you are welcoming a rescue kitty, introducing a stray or adopting a unique cat breed you just love, consider creating a cat space that is all their own. Not sure you have the room, consider repurposing space under the stairs, a corner of the room or take it up the wall. In this post we will explore DIY Cat Spaces & Decor ideas, inspiration and pet-friendly furniture that will help you to design the perfect cat space for your kitty.

Choosing A Place For Your Cat Space

Let’s start with the space. Take a look around your room apartment or home to find the perfect spot. If space is tight, keep in mind a cat space does not have to be very large. Based on the space, you may decide to include everything for your kitty in one area or you may separate the litter box and place it in a more concealed area. One other thing you might want to consider is access to the outside whether that is a kitty door, outside play area or a covered porch space.

Choosing A Style For You Cat Space

If you are adding a cat space to a room or visible place, you will want to consider designing it to fit with your design aesthetic. Choose pet supplies and decor that blend with your palette, style and pet’s needs. You might not realize that pet supplies are available in a wide range of styles from farmhouse to vintage and from industrial to boho. Browse our Pet Decor Shops and find the one that best matches your personal style. If you are creating a pet room or hidden space, you might want to select a theme that is unique and fun.

Choosing A Focal Piece For Your Cat Space

When designing any space, many designers recommend choosing a special piece, inspiration or muse for the space. This can be a piece of art, furniture or fabric print. We like to start by browsing for the right piece of art, which inspires the design. Browse our Pet Art Shop to find a piece of art that inspires you. Even if you do not have room for the art or decide not to place art in the space, it is a great way to start the process.

Create A Mood Board For Your Cat Space

For those who are not familiar with a mood board, it is a technique designers use to bring all the elements of their space together. You can do this by hand or on the computer with a great resource like Canva. Creating a mood board lets you bring together all of the elements of your space to make sure they work together before you make any purchases or start your DIY project.

Making Mood Boards like this fabulous Wabi Sabi Pet Space Mood Board are so easy and helpful. Here is a Mood Board Post that will tell you how it is done.

Choosing Your Space Pet Elements

It is important to consider your pet’s needs first and then have fun browsing and picking pieces for the space. Keep in mind you don’t have to purchase everything at one time, but having a plan will help you decide where to start and which items to purchase first. You might also consider a few trips to a local flea market or second hand store to pick up a few pieces a great prices. Items such as rugs, art and baskets are all great choices to search for. You will want to do your research and find one of each of the following design elements:

  • Cat Bed – this can be a cushion, tent, cave or pet bed. Your cat may not spend all of their time there, but if they like a hiding spot, enjoy warming up or like to curl up for a nap, that will give you a hint on which one to try. Visit our Pet Bed Shop where you will find a wide selection of pet beds for all sizes, shapes and functions. Don’t forget a washable blanket that will add texture, color and style to your space.
  • Cat Bowls – you may choose to keep your cat’s food in the kitchen or in your cat space. Either way, choose food and water bowls that fit your pet’s needs, but also match your color palette and design aesthetic. There are so many great choices, you will have to narrow it down. Take a look at our Pet Bowl Shop and pick out cat bowls, a food mat and pet food & treat storage that coordinate.
  • Litter Box – a necessity, but often a choice made out of immediate need and not based on what is best for your space, routine and kitty. There are many new options in litter boxes that have really made life with a little box much easier. From hands-free to self-cleaning and from odorless litters and new litter box cleaning tools. Take a look around our Potty Shop and find the right ensemble that works for you and your furry pal. You might also grab a litter box cabinet that hides your litter box in plain site, so smart.
  • Cat Play Spaces – cats have an instinct to explore, crawl and hide, so why not create a space that lets them do just that on the inside. Add a cat tower, cave or perches to your space and consider them living art in your space. Browse our Cat Play Shop to find the perfect addition to your cat space. You will also find purchases and wall play in our Cat Toy Shop
  • Scratch Pad – this is very important for cats with claws to focus them on using their scratch pad and not your furniture, rug or other household item to sharpen their claws. It is natural for cats to claw and paw, so make it easy for them and encourage them to use their scratch pad. Here are a few of our favorite options to choose from in our Cat Play Shop.
  • Cat Toys – choose a few cat toys that not only will entertain your kitty, but add a decorative element to the space. Toss them in a small bin or basket or place them inside of your cat bed. Take a look around our Cat Toy Shop to find a few that your cat will love and you will enjoy playing with too.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Decor Elements

Now that you selected the pieces your cat truly needs, now it is time to decorate the space with elements that decorate the area, make cleanup easier and bring the space together. Here are the pieces we love to add to our cat spaces.

  • Pet-Friendly Rug – a rug is a fantastic design tool in any space to pull the design together and give each element a place to be. In some design layouts, items live on, off or straddle a rug. You can choose a larger rug to contain your entire cat space, a throw rug or a pet floor bed. Make sure they are washable, will hold up well and if they are a base to a litter box, are able to handle litter dust and pieces that escape the box. Visit our Pet Rug Shop for ideas that will inspire you.
  • Pet Storage – one thing that can frustrate pet owners is pet clutter. Some pets love to take out each of their toys and spread them around the room or drag their things to other places. As a general rule, it is very hard to train your pet to do something different, but you can add baskets, bins and boxes to your cat space or other rooms to quickly gather cat toys and take them back You can choose an element designed specifically for pet supply storage or choose a more decorative element that fits your decor style. Browse our Pet Organization Shop for ideas.
  • Pet Art – we love pet art, art of our pets or photographs of pets & people in our pet spaces. You may have chosen a piece of art as your space inspiration or you may need to now consider adding one or more pieces. Browse our Pet Art Shop or vest one of many online art shops allow you to choose the size and often the shape of the art. You can pick from a wrapped canvas or a framed option. If you choose photography, you can have pictures printed at places like Walmart that allow you to customize the size, shape and finish through their easy editing options. Here are a few great places to order art to suit your style – Great Big Canvas; Society6 or Houzz.
  • Decor Elements – you might want to now think about adding a few pet or non-pet elements to your space to make it a stand out such as lighting from accent lamps to string lights; decorative accents such as a pet statue, faux tree or pillows.
  • Pet Cleaning Supplies – you might want to pick up a few tools, gadgets and cleaning supplies to help you not only keep up with your cat space, but also for the rest of the house. So many great products that make cleaning so much easier. Browse our Pet Cleaning Shop.

Creating Your Cat Space

Now that you have established your color palette, picked your design style and gathered pet and decor elements to add to the space, it is time to plan your installation. This design term is used to describe the process of actually doing the work.

  • Clean the space well
  • Paint – if you are going to paint, choose a zero VOC paint that is pet-friendly like HGTV Home Paint by Sherman Williams. Pets are very curious, so you will want to make sure they are safe and secure before you start painting.
  • Place the Rug – if you are using a rug in the space, start there or designate the space outline so you know the area your will be working in.
  • If you are using pet and people furniture you will want to place them first. We have seen very cool spaces that start with a vintage dresser, repurposed pet bed or even an antique Grandfather Clock. These elements add a lot of personality to the space and can double as storage, nap space or feed time check.
  • If your litter box is part of the design, you will want to decide where it will reside. You want to give your kitty privacy and also make sure it is as far away from your kitty’s food and treats.
  • Now it is time to add your pet elements such as the pet bed, food bowls & mat, toy basket, etc.
  • Hang your art, photos or stencil the walls with a fun saying, vinyl letters or your pet’s name. Visit our Pet Hardware Shop for a wide range of stencils, knobs, hardware and more that will help you to add personal touches. Changing knobs on a cabinet to paw prints or adding paw prints across the wall are simple DIY projects that look great.

Tip: You may want to start with all new elements, but you will want to also include your pet’s favorite pieces such as their blanket, toys and bed cushion.

We hope we not only inspired you to create a cat space, but that you now have the confidence to do it yourself. Great interior design is not as hard as it might look and there is not reason why you should not utilize the tricks of the trade when designing your pet space.

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