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Nothing brings pets and people together like good food and wet kisses!

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Choosing the right bowl for your kitten, cat or cats is very important. Some cats have sensitive whiskers while others refuse to drink anything but fresh running water. No matter how picky you furry friend is, here are great options to choose from.

Unique cat bowl choices for nibble or drink that fit into every home decor style and support the health and well-being of your small breed dogs, kittens, cats or other small pets. We love to find great pet bowls that are well designed, well made and look great at the same time.

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White | Ivory | Cream Cat Bowls

Choose a cat bowl from the whitest of whites to ivory and cream hues. A great option for modern, boho, shabby chic and farmhouse style homes.

Red Cat Bowls

Add a pop of color to cat spaces with a set of bright red cat bowls.

Pink Cat Bowls

Orange Cat Bowls

Yellow Cat Bowls

cat bowls

Choose a plate like pet bowl to prevent your cat from whisker fatigue. Yes, it is a real thing. When your cat’s bowl is small and their whiskers come in contact with the sides often during the feeding process, their whiskers will actual tire.

Green Cat Bowls

Turquoise | Aqua Cat Bowls

Blue Cat Bowls

Purple Cat Bowls

Grey | Silver Cat Bowls

Brown & Brass Cat Bowls

Black Cat Bowls

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