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Nothing brings pets and people together like good food and wet kisses!

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Selecting the perfect cat bowl for your feline companion is a crucial decision. Cats, with their distinct preferences and personalities, often have unique needs when it comes to their dining and hydration experience. Some may be sensitive to the touch of their whiskers, while others insist on nothing less than fresh, flowing water. Regardless of your furry friend’s particular quirks, this page offers an array of exceptional cat bowl options to cater to their nibbling or drinking requirements. These choices not only blend seamlessly with various home decor styles but also prioritize the health and well-being of your small breed dogs, kittens, cats, or other petite pets. Our commitment is to discover well-designed, high-quality pet bowls that not only function impeccably but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

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White | Ivory | Cream Cat Bowls

Choose a cat bowl from the whitest of whites to ivory and cream hues. A great option for modern, boho, shabby chic and farmhouse style homes.

Red Cat Bowls

Add a pop of color to cat spaces with a set of bright red cat bowls.

Pink Cat Bowls

Pink adds a unique touch to cat spaces with a chic, girly vibe. From soft pastels to hot pink tones.

Orange Cat Bowls

Orange is the new black and a great color choice for kitty bowls. From salmon to bright orange the options of amazing.

Yellow Cat Bowls

Add a touch of sunshine to your at food space with a yellow, gold or lemon cat bowl.

cat bowls

Choose a plate like pet bowl to prevent your cat from whisker fatigue. Yes, it is a real thing. When your cat’s bowl is small and their whiskers come in contact with the sides often during the feeding process, their whiskers will actual tire.

Green Cat Bowls

Green is the perfect neutral and a wonderful choice for your next cat bowl. From sage to mint and from hunter to bright green.

Turquoise | Aqua Cat Bowls

Touches of turquoise, teal, aqua and vintage blue add a vintage vibe that will do.

Blue Cat Bowls

Choose a cool tone of blue for your cat’s bowl and enjoy the refreshing soft color palette.

Purple Cat Bowls

Purple fans will love this collection of purple cat bowls from light to dark and many shades in between.

Grey | Silver Cat Bowls

Maybe not 50 shades of grey, but plenty of grey, silver and neutral tones to help you find the ideal cat bowl for your space.

Brown & Brass Cat Bowls

When nature calls, choose a wood, rattan or metal cat bowl to keep it real.

Black Cat Bowls

You cannot go wrong with a classic black cat bowl.

Helping you find the right cat bowl that blends into your decor and matches your vibe is our goal, but we also want to help you find the right bowl to make eating a pleasant experience for your kitty. Consider adding a pet food mat to catch any stray nibbles and a coordinating pet food storage bin to create the perfect kitty food station.

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