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An amazing place online that helps you find the perfect furry friend to adopt!

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Thinking about it or maybe you have made the choice to adopt a pet, Petfinder.com is an online resource for pet adoption that is a great place to start. Browse pets in a network of over 11,500 shelters and rescues to find the perfect dog, cat or furry friend to adopt. You select the region, browse the pets available and reach out to find out more. Petfinder.com has a mission to increase public awareness of adoptable pets, increase the effectiveness of pet adoption programs across North America, and to improve the status of pets to become family members.

Exploring Petfinder.com

Let’s Get Started:

In the past, finding a pet to adopt was aided by a newspaper ad, local event or a visit to shelter. Technology has changed all that, bringing a new pet adoption resource to every computer, phone or tablet. Simply type petfinder.com into your browser, choose the search region and begin looking for the perfect pet match.

When you find a potential match, you reach out to the organization for more details. It is easy to coordinate directly to set up a time to meet your potential new family member or keep the search going.

Adoption details are handled by the local organization. You can do the research before you begin looking or wait until you find the right match. They will let you know if there is an adoption costs, the pet’s health status, a bit about their personality and how their adoption process works. While it is important for pets to find forever homes, it is also important for pet-care organizations to vet who they allow to adopt these pets. Many will ask you to complete an adoption application and set up an appointment to meet with perspective adoptive individuals and families.

Additional Pet Resources:

Not only is the site the largest database of pets that are available for adoption, it also offers discussion forums, pet-care resources, and a fabulous library of pet-care stories and articles. For those looking to volunteer or to offer local pet fosters services, petfinder.com is a great resource to find local shelters and organizations, especially in larger cities or when moving to a new area. Volunteering at a local shelter or pet-care organization is a great way to meet people when moving to a new town and also introduces potential new pet owners to an array of possible new furry family members.

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With over 11,000 shelters updating the site, there are new pets added daily and the pets who find forever homes are removed making way for new wet noses and wagging tails. The site is a resource for shelters across North America who work both locally and regionally to find homes for pets that are rescued, behavioral issues or owners are not able to care for them. Making pet adoption easier for future pet families has had a significant impact on pets finding forever homes.

While Petfinder.com has a very large selection of puppies and kittens and dogs and cats, you can also find other household pets including rabbits, horses and even backyard chickens. Finding the right pet goes beyond breed and size and spans to the right pet for the right person.

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