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Let Your Style Shine While Living Pet Friendly!

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Welcome to our Pet Living Spaces Shop that is filled with inspiration, decor ideas and furniture that is ideal for pet homes. Choose the right fabrics, materials and design to create the most amazing spaces to spend time with friends, family and pets alike. There is no need to forgo comfort when designing, remodeling or adding pieces to pet and people living spaces.



Pet Throw Pillows

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Add a great dog, cat or pet-loving pillow to your home decor. Choose a design that fits with your home decor style, color palette and scale. Go fun, go classic or keep it simple.

Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Slipcovers, canvas and 100% cotton fabric is a great option for pet friendly sofas. Removable covers are a great choice to wash easily, Sunbrella treated fabrics and heavy duty cottons will hold up great.

Q. What is the best sofa color to hide pet fur?
A. Choose a sofa color as close to your pet’s fur and it will help mask fur left behind. Keep a lint brush close by to help remove fur from cloth cushions. Dark fabrics also mask stains.

Pet-Friendly Tables and Lamps

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Add a pet-friendly table to small spaces, as a conversation pieces or design a room to show off your pet-loving style.

Pet Themed Accent Pieces

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Choose a wonderful piece of dog, cat or pet art to add to your home office, guest room or anywhere. Ideal on a desk, side table or shelves to add a whimsical touch.

Pet-Friendly Ottomans & Benches

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Store pet and people supplies in clever ways like these amazing ottomans and benches.

Pet Furniture Throws

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Add a washable blanket to furniture pieces to keep them looking great and give your pet an anchor seat just for them. Choose a blanket that is similar to your pet’s fur color to minimize visible shedding.

Pet-Friendly Chairs and Chair Covers

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Add a stylish slip cover to pet worn chair to give them new life and give your space an updated look.

Tip: Choose stripes, prints and textured fabrics that help to hide pet fur, blemishes and love. Treat canvas with protective spray to keep them looking good and make spot cleaning much easier.

Pet-Friendly Chair Styles

Pet-Lover Designer Tip: Choose a dog, cat or animal print chair for office, living and sitting spaces for a unique conversation piece.

Pet-Friendly Benches

Pet-Lover Design Tip: Add a bench with storage to your hallway, mudroom or laundry room to store pet walking supplies including leashes, totes, jackets, pet toys and treats.

Choose furniture pieces that make organizing easy like this wooden bench, tote and leash holder. A great choice for the mudroom, entry or by the back door to store everything for a walk, backyard play or road trip with your furry pals.

Explore more shops and be inspired to create amazing pet spaces, enjoy pet-friendly furniture, or to find interior design inspired pet supplies.

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