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Pet Decor & Restoration Shops

Shops specializing in design, creative, building, and restoration products that are pet-centric!

Our Pet Decor and Restoration Shops are dedicated to helping you design, create, maintain and repair home and office spaces. From Art Supplies to DIY Home Accessories, our goal is to help you create spaces that make like with pets and people even better. Everything from dog-themed wallpaper and stencils to pet-friendly flooring and furniture repair kits. We also love to share ideas, tips and quick fixes that make life easier.


Browse our Pet Hardware Collection to build, repair, protect and remodel pet-friendly spaces.

Browse our Pet Home Accents Collection to find pet-friendly decor, rugs, racks and more.

Browse our Arts & Crafts Collection to find pet themed DIY gear, art supplies, crafts and more.

Creating an ideal home environment for pet lovers involves merging functionality with style, leading to a collection of products that not only cater to the needs of pets but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. For homes with pets, durable hardware and furniture repair kits are essential for maintaining the integrity of your furnishings against the inevitable wear and tear. Decorative elements, such as stencils with pet-themed designs and trendy, pet-friendly flooring options, add personality and warmth to any room. Washable rugs offer a practical solution for keeping spaces clean and comfortable for both pets and their owners. DIY books on creating pet rooms provide a treasure trove of ideas for customizing spaces that are both stylish and accommodating to your furry friends. Inspired by the insights of interior designers, these resources often suggest incorporating pet-themed decor that reflects your love for animals while maintaining a chic and cohesive look. Trendy ideas for pet rooms not only prioritize the comfort and safety of pets but also ensure that these spaces complement the overall design scheme of your home. By integrating these elements, pet owners can create vibrant, creative pet spaces that celebrate their pets while seamlessly blending with the home’s decor, proving that practicality and style can coexist beautifully in a pet-friendly home.