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Calling All Home Design Enthusiast – Helpful Tips For Pet & People Homes

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Calling All Home Design Enthusiast – Helpful Tips For Pet & People Homes


Your home is a reflection of you, your style, and your vibe, so when you share it with a pet, you may think you have to compromise design to be pet-friendly. While not every interior design tip is ideal for every home, we hope you will be inspired to incorporate a few, we are calling all design enthusiast pet-lovers to explore these helpful tips for pet & people homes.

Before we get started, let us tell you a bit about us. Wild Love Tails is a new kind of website, where we focus on everything for pets & their people. We don’t stop at dog leashes and cat food, we take it to the next level and focus on products, ideas, and inspiration to make life with pets even better. We gather ideas from experts, pet lovers and our amazing team to bring you the best info we can offer. The links will take you to our shops, helpful posts, or websites that offer additional information. We are an affiliate website, so a portion of the sale of any items may come to us from our vendor partners. Now let’s have some fun…..

Explore Helpful Decor Tips For Pet & People Homes

Incorporate Functional Pet-Friendly Decor

Just as we choose shelves to hold books and cabinets to hold dishes, think about functional accents to organize and store pet supplies such as a coat rack to hold leashes and dog walking supplies, a locker to hold outdoor pet toys, or tray to contain your pet’s eating area. These added touches reduce clutter, make pet items easy to find, and add personality to your home. Don’t feel obligated to buy the coat rack with the paw prints or a treat jar with stenciled dog bones, choose everyday home accents that fit your style and adapt them to work for your pet supplies. Browse our selection of Pet-Friendly Furniture and Accessories for a wide range to choose from.

cat coat rack organization treats decor wall art accessories kitty

Choose a coat rack that fits your style and use as a kitty perch, to hold dog leashes, or to stash walking gear.

Textiles Are Important

Add textiles in the form of bedding, blankets, or a fabric sofa, providing cozy places for pets and people to relax. Natural textiles are easy to clean, tend to gather fur less, and stay cool in summer and warm in the winter. You can spray a non-toxic Fabric Protectant or use a Natural Deterrent Spray to keep pets off the sofa or chair, but make sure to have adequate cozy blankets, pet bedding, or rugs for pets to snuggle, nap, and rest.

lady on modern grey sofa with dog laptop porch outdoors stars

When making fabric choices, choose a print or color that is similar to your pet’s fur color to mask any shedding.

Design Designated Pet Zones

Give pets their own special spaces. Pick a corner of a room, under the stairs, or better yet, turn a closet or small room into your pet’s room. Choose a fun theme, pet-sized furniture pieces, and accents to create the perfect space. Check out our post on Creating Pet Spaces. It is a lot of fun to collect items for the space at local thrift shops, garage sales, or even around your home. Don’t forget to take a great photo!

teacup dog puppy room bed chair decor designer

You know your pet, make sure the accessories you choose are pet-friendly and match your pet’s personality.

Cleverly Control The Clutter

We can get overwhelmed when pet stuff is everywhere, so hide it. Pick up a few buckets, wicker baskets, or an old trunk. They make it easy to toss pet stuff in, put the lid on and no one knows. When it is time to play, turn the basket on its side and it becomes a treasure hunt for pets to find what is hidden inside. Make sure to choose pieces that fit your vibe! Check out our Organization Shop filled with tons of storage ideas.

lady training playing devon rex cat hairless basket boho modern home

A unique basket is a great choice for holding pet and people stuff.

Choose Pet Supplies That Fit Your Design Aesthetic

So often pet supply choices are made spur of the moment, at your local mass retailer, or made with out thought, causing you to end up with a mix match of pet supplies that can often take over. If you start with a plan, choosing pet supplies that match your home decor style and color, while meeting your pet’s needs you will embrace them in your home. To find a complete collection of pet supplies organized by design style, take a look at our Pet Home Shop by Style.

girl white fluffy dog bed smile faux fur

Pets and people love anything soft and cuddly, make sure you buy washable bedding and blankets that will stand up to pet love.

Embrace Durable Materials

When it comes to flooring and furniture, opt for materials that can withstand the occasional pet mishap or playful scratch. Metal, glass, and stone are great choices and will deter pet love. When choosing wood, go for rustic, weathered, or distressed wood with personality, that can take a little play. Our Pet Home Shop is filled with pet-sized and pet-friendly furniture and accessory options for pets and people.

schnauzer dogs bed table pizza metal legs

Metal legs are a great option for tables, furniture and accessories to keep them looking good for a long time.

Create An Indoor Pet Playground

We often think of pet zones or spaces needed the basics such as a pet bed, food bowl, and basket of toys, but sometimes pet play is a better focus. Add modern shelves to the wall for your cat to climb, create an obstacle corse for your pup, or turn a hallway into a game chase. Browse ideas for Cat Play Spaces and Dog Play Spaces.

cat house space corner design interior room modern

Find pieces that represent your pet and their needs, if they like to hide, give them a cave or little house, if they love to look outside for a window seat.

Organize Pet Supplies In Plain Site

Choose a set of beautiful canisters to store pet food and treats, add a bench with storage by the door, or hang a collection of dog leashes and backpack that were hand selected to look great hung by the door. Don’t be afraid to choose a few “designer approved” pet supplies when you know they are on display, a beautiful dog leash, unique tote bag, or coordinating yellow rain slickers. To find the right storage ideas for your home check out our Organization Shop.

boho rustic orange yellow interior design german shepard dog lady computer

Keep an eye out for unique home decor pieces that double as storage, bed, or decor for your pet space. Add a touch of pet-safe paint to jazz it up a bit.

Choose Pet-Safe Plant

Greenery is a trendy home decor accent, but should be carefully chosen when pets have access to them. Do you homework to find out if your plant is safe for pets, some plants are not only unsafe, but poisonous to pets. Spider plants, Boston farms, and money trees are great options, and don’t forget catnip for kitties who enjoy it. Chewy.com breaks down recommended indoor plants for pets.

poodle dog plant indoor best

If your pet becomes obsessed with your plants, you might need to elevate them or move them to another room even if they are pet-safe.

Choose Pet-Friendly Everyday Accessories

When choosing blankets, pillows, and rugs, choose durable, washable options, but don’t compromise style. While many brands offer “pet” blankets for example that are poorly made and don’t hold up, a washable, soft blanket designed for people can be an excellent choice for pets and they fit right in with your decor style. We suggest buying a few so that you can always have one for use and one in the wash. Take a look around our Pet Design Shop to find pet products that fit your style.

blue jeans sofa blanket dog puppy love

Don’t be afraid of light and white accessories, they often wash better than darker colors and show fur less.

Add Animal Decor Subtly

When you are an animal lover, you want to tell the world, we get that, but sometimes it is better to do it subtly and with a designer’s eye. Add a beautiful piece of animal art, a dog statue on the front porch, or a cat coffee table book filled with kitty adventures stories. Art is often the focal point of the room that you can build your room around. Take a look around our Pet Art Shop to find a piece that speaks to you.

rustic vintage outdoor dog statue art artwork garden

Consider commissioning a local artist to create a custom piece. While you may want to commemorate a special pet, consider a more general work of art that represents all your companions.

Be Fur Smart

Another helpful tip when choosing accents that are the same color or similar to your pet’s to help mask the excess fur. You will also want to make fabric choices such as leather, cotton, or other fabrics that do not harbor pet fur. Indoor/Outdoor fabric is also a great choice, holding up better and waterproof. Choose the perfect accent from the Pet Blanket Shop or Pet-Friendly Rug Shop.

sleeping white furry dog animal print baseball interior design white

Add a rug to carpet or hard flooring that is designated for pet play, lounging, or a nap. Make sure it is easy to clean.

Choose Hard Flooring

Hardwood, tile, or concrete are great flooring chooses when pets are in the home. They are easy to clean, handles wear and tear well, and are long lasting. It is important if floors are very slick to add throw rugs or provide pets with non-slip socks or shoes to protect hips and joints. Visit our Pet Footwear Shop for options if your pet is having trouble navigating your flooring choices.

whippet greyhound dog pet trick training wooden floor interior design ideas

Consider commissioning a local artist to create a custom piece. While you may want to commemorate a special pet, consider a more general work of art that represents all your companions.

Collect Pet-Friendly Vintage Pieces

Antique quilts, rustic tables, or an old metal bucket are great options for pet homes. Washable, rugged, and gently used items are great accent pieces that add personality to your home and maintain their look even with a little pet love. Embrace Boho, Farmhouse, or Shabby Chic design styles, which welcomes functional, used pieces that are welcoming. If this is not your vibe, find your design style. Pet Home Decor Shop.

vintage quilt dog pet animal sofa couple sitting smiling

Embrace vintage pieces and build your room around them to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Add Natural & Organic Accents

Leather, animal rugs, and organic canvas are fantastic for pet-homes. They are not only sturdy, but they clean up well, sometimes as easily as a wet cloth. For those who are not sure about using real leather and fur, keep in mind they are a byproduct of food production, but we support you all the way if you go faux. Most popular home decor styles today bring together function and design and blend a bit of the past to add balance. Browse our Living Spaces Shop for more ideas on pet & people living.

dog doing tricks industrial interior design fur rug concrete floor

Embrace vintage pieces and build your room around them to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Pet Designated Furniture

Some pets are lucky enough to have a designated chair, pet-sized furniture, or special corner or the room. If you prefer to keep pets off of all the furniture consider choosing one piece that is all theirs or select quality, comfy furniture that is their sized and train them that it is their space to recline. For inspiration on creating pet spaces, corner or even just a chair visit our Pet Spaces Shop.

cat sleeping on chair modern interior design pet home

Enjoy the process and choose pieces that fit your every day lifestyle.

We gathered some of our favorite Interior Design Books that consider pets living with people. Decorate a happy home that accommodates everyone, including our beloved pets! So, let’s get creative and make our spaces both stylish and pet-friendly. 🐾

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