Crafty Cats: Create a Comfy Cat Window Seat Cushion and Share Some Love With Your Feline Friend

There is no secret that cats love them some outside, even when they are indoor cats. We know there are great window pet lounges, cat towers, and other gadgets to boost pets up for a view, but we thought it would be fun to simple sewing project that is so easy you can make one for every window in your home. Make a custom cat window seat cushion that is designed to sit on the window sill. While some sills may be too small, most have plenty of space for kitties. You can create one and move it around or make one to match each room in your home. Choose beautiful remnants from your fabric store or recycle an old quilt, blue jeans, or a floral dress.

Create pet DIY projects by recycling old jeans, pillow, or quilt.

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While some sills may be too small, most have plenty of space for kitties. You can create one and move it around or make one to match each room in your home. Choose beautiful remnants from your fabric store or recycle an old quilt, blue jeans, or a floral dress.

Handmade Cat Window Seat Cushion

This project is meant to be customized to fit your window sill, your design style, and your pet’s comfort. You may want to secure to the sill with double-sided removable tape or leave it free to move from window to window. Here is everything you need to make a handmade cat window seat cushion for every room in the house.

Here are tools & gadgets to gather:

  • Fabric – you cushion is double-sided, you can use the same fabric or piece two prints together. Choose a quality fabric that will stand up to kitty claws and kneeling to get comfy. You can also repurpose an old pair of jeans, towel, or quilt.
  • Quilt Batting – you can layer to make your pillow thicker
  • Tools:  
    • sewing machine (can be hand sewn)
    • ruler or tape measure
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • thread
    • seam ripper(optional)
how to make a cat window seat cushion


Step 1:  Measure your window sill. You can make the pillow fit exactly or just large enough to make a perfect size for your pet for lounging. Measure with the window open unless you have a large sill with the window closed. Add 1/2 inch to each side to allow for inside seam.

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Step 2:  Lay the fabric flat and using your tape measure or ruler, measure out the length and don’t forget to add the extra 1 inch which covers for the seam on each side. Mark with your pencil at each corner. Do the same for the depth, making sure that the extra 1 inch. Mark with your pencil at each corner. With your ruler or tape measure connect the corners by drawing a straight line to create, doing this for all 4 sides and creating your pattern.

Step 3:  Cut on the pencil line to create the front cushion fabric piece.

Step 4: Use your front cushion fabric pieces as your pattern for the back. Turn it upside down and place it onto the right side of the fabric you selected for the bottom. This will allow your two pieces to match up nicely when it is time to sew. You can trace the pattern onto the bottom fabric or simply cut it to match the pattern size.

Step 5: Layer your batting pieces on top of each other (as many layers as you wish.) We recommend 4-6 depending on how thick your batting is. Using one of your front cushion fabric piece, lay it onto your stack of batting and cut to size. It is ok if the batting is slightly smaller or larger, but try and get it relatively close to make sewing easier.

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Step 6:  Now it is time to put it all together. Start by putting your front and back fabric layers together with the right side of the fabric facing in. Next place 1/2 of your batting layers on the bottom and 1/2 batting layers on the top. If you cut uneven layers, one side can have more than the other. To make it easier to sew, pin your stack of fabric and batting all the way around. Now is a great time to decide where you will leave your opening. We like to leave one end open and hand sew it together, but you can leave a smaller opening if you wish. We recommend that you still pin that side to keep all the pieces in place.

Note: some sewing machines do not love to sew batting as a first layer. If you are concerned or are having trouble, you can add a thin piece of scrap fabric where you will be sewing, adding it as you go or try this tip we saw on Facebook for using a straw, people are so smart.

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We love our Brother Sewing Machine. It is in the office and easy to thread and use for a quick fix or more detailed DIY project. Having the various stitch choices is helpful when repairing a pet loved toy, stitching up a blanket, or making a pet-loving gift.

Step 4:  Begin sewing where you plan your opening and sew a 1/2 inch seam all the way around until you reach the other side of your opening. Make sure to reverse sew when you begin and at the end to ensure that when you turn the fabric your stitches do not come out. If you plan to hand sew, with thread and needle, make small stitches about 1/2 inch from the edge.

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Step 5: Turn your cushion right side out at the opening making sure that the fabric sides are showing when turned. Tuck anything sticking out back in and fold your seams in, stitching on the outside by hand to close the opening.

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Step 6:  If your fabric became wrinkled during the process, you may want to run the iron over the top.

Step 7: Place your new window cushion in the window and introduce your kitty.

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If your kitty likes their new perch and your enjoyed your DIY experience, you make more, making it more inviting for kitties to sit in the window. You can also place them in the back of your vehicle to make a window seat for the ride that fits into smaller spaces.

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If you are going to leave the window open, make sure the screen is tight. This window seat will fit comfortable over window casings and padding that are in place to seal the window when closed, but can be uncomfortable during an afternoon nap.

Spot clean the window cushion if it gets a little dirty. Your can push your window seat against the window to add additional protection from outside chill.

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