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Pet Boho Decor Shop

Peruse our bohemian style supplies, decor & gifts for pets & people.

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Yourself!

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Welcome to our Pet Boho Shop filled with bohemian and casual style supples and decor for pets and people. If you gravitate towards vintage floral prints, natural elements and organic design you probably love bohemiam home decor. Browse this shop filled with pastel tones, cotton elements and handmade pet supplies that make great gifts for you or someone you love.

Create the perfect pet boho space in a corner of the room, under the stairs or in the laundry room that fits your decor style. Start with a pet-friendly rug, add a pet bed with bedding, a get set of pet bowls and accessorize with boho art, pet toys and storage solutions.

Choose Boho Pet Accessories made from natural materials, pretty floral prints and vibrant tones.



Boho Dog Bowls

Organic shapes, natural materials and simple prints great choices for pet food and water bowl supplies.

Boho Dog Leashes & Collars

Boho Dog Leash Hooks & Coat Racks

Organize pet leashes and walking supplies on a vintage coat rack, handmade or funky hooks.

Boho Dog Pillows & Accessories

Fun motifs, vintage prints or dusty tones are great choices for boho spaces.

Boho Pet Beds & Bedding

Boho Pet Art & Wall Decor

boho bohemian pet dog cat supplies decor art supplies leash collar collar leash bed bowl

With so many great choices in pet friendly furniture, fabrics and even art, you can start there and then decide the details and the accents. Choose well thought out pieces that represent your love of animals, pets and your pet specifically is a fun and clever way to decorate. In all design keeping it simple, thought through and well curated is always a good idea.

Here’s a breakdown of its essential elements:

  1. Vibrant and Earthy Colors
  2. Layered Textiles
  3. Global Influences
  4. Eclectic Mix
  5. Natural Elements
  6. Artistic Flair
  7. Low-level Seating
  8. Vintage and Handmade Items
  9. Flowy Fabrics
  10. Unconventional Use of Items
  11. Spiritual Elements
  12. Relaxed Atmosphere

Bohemian decor is a reflection of an unconventional lifestyle, one that values experiences, freedom, and artistic expression. It’s less about achieving a perfect look and more about creating a space that resonates with the inhabitant’s unique personality and journey.

Not exactly what you are looking for, tell us more and let us help you find the right match….

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