Pet Fashion: How Do I Choose The Right Dog Jacket?

Let’s find the perfect pet jacket! While it isn’t just about fit and style, it’s about your pet’s personal expression, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

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Dogs big and small can use a good jacket to keep them warm on the slops, toasty on early morning walks or when spending excessive time outdoors during winter months.

When choosing the perfect pet jacket, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Consider Their Internal Temperature Control: Different breeds regulate body temperature differently, and this impacts the kind of jacket they require. For example, breeds with thick fur might not need a heavy jacket, while those with thin or no fur could benefit from a warmer one.

1. Know Your Weather

You are pretty familiar with weather patterns near home, but do your research if you are traveling with your pet to the mountains, camping or a day of hiking. Be prepared with the right pet outerwear to ensure your time outdoors is amazing. You will not only want to consider the temperature, but also the amount of moisture from rain or snow that you may encounter.

Your pet temperature regulates differently than human body temperature, but your pet will need extra help depending on how low the temperatures will get, how long you plan to be outdoors and even the time of day for outdoor play.

Frigid Weather Conditions, consider Extreme Weather Dog Outerwear including pet snowsuits, down filled jackets or colorful vests that are easily visible in the snow.

2. Know Your Dog Breed

Some dog breeds handle cold and hot weather much better than others. Your pet’s type of fur, thickness of coat and amount of body fur will also make a difference in battling the weather. Choose a jacket that helps to balance the lack of fur or the abundance.

Stretch Fleece is a great choice for pets of all sizes. The extra give makes way for the muscular midsection of a French Bulldog or the massive neck of your Mastiff. Not only is the fabric flexible, making it easy to dress your pet, it also creates a comfortable fit for your pup.

3. Know Your Dog’s Stature

Measure your pup from neck to tail, around the widest center and leg thickness. You will want to compare to your dog coat and jacket choice to make sure it will fit in all the right places. Look for jackets with a bit of stretch, adjustable straps or zippers to help fit your dog the best way possible.

This adjustable collared jacket is a great way to create the perfect winter attire for your pet. Roll the collar up for longer neck pet breeds or roll it back for pets with shorter, thick necks.

4. Know How Wet It Will Be

If you will expose your pup to wet snow, rain and water, choose a coat, jacket or vest that is waterproof, helping to keep excess water from your pup’s neck and back, which will keep them having fun for a longer time.

Choose a waterproof jacket that is lightweight for warmer climates or lined for chilly, snow filled days.

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