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Pet Jackets

Explore our curated collection of lightweight dog jackets ideal for spring, fall and cool days

Welcome to our Dog Jacket Shop where you will find spring, fall and raincoats to help your pet navigate wet days, chilly nights or just look cool. Jackets might be described as lightweight coats that are ideal for cool fall afternoons, early spring walks or a chilly day on the boat. Not ideal for harsh winter weather, but ideal for just about any other time of the year.

“No Jackets Required, Sometimes You Just Need The Right Jacket For The Right Occassion!”

Windbreakers are designed to do just that, cut the chilly wind or burn of a brisk breeze on the boat stern, mountain top or by the lake. Consider packing one before the hike, on the boat or adding to the coat rack.

Choose the right jacket, coat or vest for your furry friend that fits their personality, weight and breed stature. Here is a great article to tell you how.

Fleece & Jersey Pet Jackets

Stretch Fleece is a great choice for pets of all sizes. The extra give makes way for the muscular midsection of a French Bulldog or the massive neck of your Mastiff. Not only is the fabric flexible, making it easy to dress your pet, it also creates a comfortable fit for your pup.

Cat Jackets

Not all cats will oblige, but when they do, oh how cute they are.