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Pet Food and Treat Storage

There is nothing more calming than an organized home.

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Welcome to our delightful Pet Food & Treat Storage Shop, a space brimming with creative and stylish solutions for pet treat container options, keeping your pet’s treats and food fresh and readily accessible. Here, we offer an abundance of inspiration, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, such as a charming cookie jar filled to the brim with homemade treats, or aiming to carve out a dedicated space for your furry friend that seamlessly blends with your home’s decor.

Our carefully curated selection boasts a variety of storage options, catering to every aesthetic from rustic to modern, ensuring that you’ll find something that strikes your fancy. Dive into our collection, explore by color, or simply browse to your heart’s content. We are here to help you elevate your pet’s dining experience and integrate it beautifully into your living space. Discover the perfect storage solution in our Pet Food & Treat Storage Shop today!


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Pet Foot Storage Containers By Color

Metal Pet Food Containers

Choose from our amazing collection of metal pet food and treat storage options. From traditional pewter to hammered metal and from a rustic galvanized finish to shiny chrome. The perfect way to store your pet’s favorite goodies in style.

recipes for dog bone homemade treats

Tip: Make your own Quick & Easy Dog Treats by Heather at mysweetprecision.com. Use a dog bone cookie cutter to create the best size dog treats for your pup or make them and give to your best dog lover.

White Pet Food Jars

White is always a great choice when it comes to kitchen decor, clean, fresh and welcoming. Choose vintage white for farmhouse and french country decor or bright white for modern spaces.

Say ‘ta-ta’ to tacky plastic pet food containers! We’re all about infusing our pet dining areas with some serious style. The hunt for that perfect treat jar or dog food canister isn’t just a task – it’s an adventure! And oh, the joy of discovering a charming storage solution for those scrumptious homemade biscuits! Join us in making pet dining spaces a fetching part of our home décor!

Black Pet Food Jars

Store pet food and treats in a classic storage option all black, black and white or a rustic piece. Sometimes pets can be a little messy and something black helps to hide things until it is clean up time!

Homemade Cat Treat Recipe

peanut butter recipe dog treats

Tip: Make your own Homemade Cat Treats by Heather at mysweetprecision.com – click the image to see how it is done. Fill one of these great jars and give a gift that keeps giving.

Grey Pet Food Storage

Grey is all the rage these days and here are our favorite ways to store dog, cat and pet treats and food to fit right in with your modern, trendy or minimalistic decor.

Feast your eyes on the delightful selection of pet-centric food and treat storage solutions we’ve sniffed out. But why stop there? We’ve also got an array of whimsical canister and cookie jar sets that are versatile enough to house both human and pet goodies. Now, isn’t that a treat for all inhabitants of the house, two-legged or four?

Red Pet Food Jars

Make a statement with red pet supplies that always stand out. Add a pop of color, a whimsical piece or a rustic vibe with the perfect red pet treat and food storage container.

Pink Pet Food Jars

Orange Pet Food Jars

When orange is your thing, embrace it. Here are our favorite orange pet food and treat storage options.

Yellow Pet Food Jars

Add a touch of sunshine to pet spaces, the laundry room or kitchen where you can keep your pet food and treats close by in style.

Green Pet Food Jars

Green is a great neutral for home spaces and a wonderful color choice to hold pet food, treats and snacks. From soft sage to deep hunter greens here are some great options.

Turquoise Pet Food Jars

We are in love with turquoise and that goes for treat storage too! Add a pop of color to your laundry, kitchen or pet space and keep dog and cat treats, food and special snacks on hand.

Blue Pet Food Jars

Blue hues are so true, deep tones of navy and cobalt or light shades of the sky and sea.

Clear Pet Food Containers

Clear glass or plastic pet food jars are great for showing off what is inside. Add lettering to add a modern touch with your pet’s name, what’s inside or a fun saying.

Whimsical Pet Food Jars

Cookie jars make great pet treat jars. Choose something fun, classic or vintage and store pet treats in airtight cookie jars. These are great featured on the countertop, pet spaces or make a terrific gift for your pet lover.

Pet Food Scoops

Consider adding a scoop to make it easier to dish out pet food or treats. For pets who need to have their diet monitored, there are some great scales and measuring options.

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Or tell us more and let us help you find the right match….

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