Pet Glasses, Goggles and Eyewear

Protect. Smart. Styling.

Padded eye goggles ideal for small and medium pups and kitties.

Pet Glasses & Goggles are a thing! Protect your dog’s eyes for the ride. Cover your pup’s eyes on the ski slope. Reduce pet’s eyes exposure to the sun’s rays. Pet eyewear is a smart idea for dogs and cats that spend a lot of time in the wind, rain, snow or sun. Here are some of our favorite choices.


How it works: Click on the links or images below to find out more about each product.

Pet Sunglasses & Doggles

Check out this great video of Doggles founder Roni Di Lullo

Roni Di Lullo had the idea to invent Doggles when her dog was struggling to see her frisbee when the sun was in her eyes. 20 years later, pet goggles and sunglasses are stronger than ever.

Pet Ski Goggles

Glasses are the perfect accessory for Halloween, costume party or fun pet photography.

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