Pet Winter Shop – Plan for chilly days, cool nights and snow loving dogs and cats!

Life is Better At The Cabin With The Dog!

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Welcome to our Pet Winter Shop to browse a wide variety of outfitter and pet supplies for the cold winter months. Before you hike along the river, sleeping under the stars or hit the road in the rv during the winter months, shop our winter pet shop and grab the right pet supplies for there weather. Time together outdoors is one of the best actives for pet lovers. Choosing there right pet outdoor supplies is important to keep your dog or cat comfortable, safe and may even help them carry some of the load.

How It Works: Click on the image below to see the best in outdoor pet supplies for camping, hiking and spending time outdoors with dogs, cats and other pets.

Winter Pet Fashion Shops

While some pets do not need anything extra to keep them cozy during the winter months, other pets need a little pup or kitten outerwear. Pets with light coats or hairless breeds should be protected from freezing conditions and dogs with long necks or exposed ears might need a little neckwear. Browse our Winter Pet Fashion Shops to explore the latest in cold weather apparel and accessories for dogs, cats and all pets.

LEAD pet dog coats cat jacket slicker windbreaker

Pet coats add an extra bit of security when pets spend a lot of time outdoors in cold and very cold and snowy weather.

LEAD dog red scarf barn gift black white gift Christmas snow

Add a scarf to your pet’s wardrobe for chilly days, cold nights or a great fashion accessory for Fall and Holiday pet photos.

LEAD dog cat pet footwear hiking camping river water snow skiing outdoors

Protect your pet’s paws before you plan to spend time on the ice, in snow or on rugged terrain with a pair of pet hiking boots, shoes or socks.

LEAD dog cat pet hats caps bulldog outdoor winter cold weather accessories supplies christmas

Add a cap to your pet’s head before hitting the snow mountain, winter walk or the backyard..

Don’t forget the goggles when you head to the ski mountains with a pup in toe. The best way to help them see in snowy weather.

A vest is a great pet fashion option to leave their legs free and warm up their back and belly area during cold and chilly weather.

LEAD dog cat pet sleepwear pj pajamas

Add pet jp’s to your pet’s wardrobe to help them sleep comfy through chilly winter days and cold winter nights.

No two dogs are created equal, so finding the right dog winter jacket can take a few tries, here are some tips to help.

Choose the right pet sleeping bag, elevated bed or waterproof bedding for tent and camper winter camping.

Prepare Pets & People For Outdoor Winter Fun

lead camping outdoor pets

Winter camping is all about you, the elements and snuggles in the night to keep the cold at bay. Be prepared for pet play in the snow, rough terrain and extreme weather.

Choose the right pet sleeping bag, elevated bed or waterproof bedding for tent and camper winter camping.

LEAD walk shop pet walk shop leashes collars totes racks storage gifts

When walking pets on chilly days or frigid nights, make sure paws are protected, backs are covered, and you have water if the walks are going to be long.