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Nothing Beats Camping, Except Camping With Your Dog!

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Choose a tent for you and your pup, one for you and one for your pup or for the entire family. Choose one large space or a tent with compartments. While most camping trips with pets include a dog, you can decide if your cat is the rugged type and change the word dog for cat and make your choices.



Whether you are living the Outfitter life or spending the day outdoors, be prepared when pets come along for the journey!

Being An Outfitter Is A Way Of Life!

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Pets are a great companion on the bike, find the perfect cycling accessories to make rides even more enjoyable.

Days at the river, lake, or water are enjoyed by all, find pet-friendly water sports gear to keep pets safe and happy.

When hitting the trails with a pal at your side, grab pet-friendly gear for the great outdoors to help get you to your destination.

When exploring and going deep with just a backpack, share the load with your 4-legged pal and pack right for pets and people.

Pet Camping Gear Shop

Camping & RV with Pets Books

Pet and People Tents

Invite pets to say in tent with you or add a tent close by to give them the space their need to get a good night’s sleep. Tents will protect them from critters, dew, and rain.

Family Tents

Overland Rooftop Tents

When camping with pets, choose a roof top tent with an lower annex to make it easier for pets to find a place to cozy up. You can also opt for a truck bed option that makes for easy in and out for both you and your pup.

Travel & Leisure did some great work finding the Top 10 Pet-Friendly Campsites.

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Camping & Outdoor Pet Bedding

Know the weather before heading out. The days maybe hot and sunny, but nights can be chilly, be prepared with bedding for pets that keeps them off the cold ground, protected from critters, and allows them to get a great night’s sleep.

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Shop pet-sized sleeping bags, outdoor bedding, and waterproof options ideal for camping, hiking, and RV travel.

Browse our complete collection of pet beds and bedding ideal for the camper, cabin, or an outfitter lifestyle.

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If a portable crate just won’t work, consider adding a more permanent option to your RV or larger tent.

Pet Outfitter Gear & Apparel

It is critical when spending time in the woods or remote areas to outfit your pet with reflective gear to help you keep and eye on them and to help others as well. If the weather looks like the nights will be chilly, provide a little extra warmth.

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Outfitter Pet Travel Gear

Make traveling in RV’s or staying in the camper with pets close by so much easier with these handy gadgets and gismos. We love a good hack and when it helps to keep our pets safe and more comfortable, we are all in.

RV & Camper Pet Organization & Protection Supplies

Browse these shops for more…

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Pet Outfitter Collars, Leashes & Stakes

Protect pets in unfamiliar territory with the security of a runner, invisible fence or gated areas to keep them safe from getting lost if spooked.

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Pet Outfitter Food & Drink Supplies

Pack extra food and water for your pets to be safe. You may have luck finding people food in remote areas, but the likelihood of finding your pet’s food is slim. Fresh water is critical for pets especially when the humidity is high and the days are hot.

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Must Have Pet Supplies For Camper & RV

Here are some of our favorite gadgets for the RV, camper or campsite when traveling with pets. When you are prepared for anything, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the time.

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Camping-Themed Pet Supplies & Gifts


FOR MORE…..Pet Camping Supplies

Now that you have your tent picked out, you are ready to select everything you need to be prepared when camping with your pet. Shop each department by clicking on the images below to see what we found. Below you will find a checklist of supplies we recommend when camping, RV or outdoor vacations with pets.

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Travel Wise and Enjoy Time Outdoors With Pets

  1. Stay Hydrated 
  2. Pet Food On Schedule 
  3. Protection from the Elements
  4. Outdoor Sleeping and Bedding
  5. Travel Car Seats
  6. Animal First Aid and Media Kits
  7. Outdoor Pet Play Things
  8. Leashes, ID’s and Collars
  9. Pet Poops and Scoops for the road

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