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golden doodle collar

Browse our Pet Collar Shop and take a look around at one of our favorite pet fashion for the neck from handmade to one of a kind styles. Find the right collar and neckwear to fit your pet’s style. Click on the style you like and it will take you to our Affiliate where you can find out more about the collars, quality, reviews, sizes and materials to decide which is best for your pet.



LEAD leather collar bulldog dog puppy cat kitten supplies costume attire

Browse our selection of leather collars, personalized styles and unique handmade options.

LEAD Classic basic dog cat pet collars everyday

Shop an array of classic collars for dogs of all sizes by color and help you pet stand out in a crowd.

LEAD fashion designer unique dog pet collar leash gift set

Browse the most unique and one of a kind pet collars in a range of styles, show off your pet’s personality.

LEAD bling pretty glam dog pet cat supplies collar gift

Leave a little glitter every where you and your pet travel with a fun bling collar that sparkles and shines.

LEAD cat kitten collar bell breakaway designer gift pretty cute wedding

Sized to fit kittens, cats and small pups, these pint size collars come with and without bells to keep an eye out.

LEAD smart collars dog cat GPS tracking Bluetooth

For pets that tend to wander or are very adventurous, consider a collar with smart technology to help you keep track.

LEAD dog cat pet wedding dressy dress up costume collars gift baby shower

Don’t forget the pet when it comes to dressing up for a special occasion. A wedding, party or photo shoot.

LEAD doodles scarf floral scarves summer pretty photo

You are never fully dressed without a smile and an adorable scarf around the neck. So many to choose from.

LEAD dog cat pet puppy chicken harness bulldog frenchie

When you have more than one pup or wide girth, consider a harness collar that under the chest or around the arms.

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