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If you are in the market for a new cat collar you are so in the right place.

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Browse kitten & cat collars that show off your kitties personal style

Welcome to our Cat Collar Shop where we feature our favorite tiny collars for furry felines and small pup breeds. Our favorite pet fashion for the neck from handmade to one of a kind styles. Find the right cat collar and neckwear to fit your kitty’s style. Click on the style you like to find out more about each collars, size options, color selection and details to buy.

To Bell Or Not To Bell!

Cat Collar Thoughts:

  • 2 Finger Cat Collar Rule – leave about 2 fingers worth of space between your kitty’s neck and the collar. It is important to check frequently with growing kittens and also with older cats who often lose weight.
  • No Cat Collar Tails – trim your cat’s collar if it is long enough for them to play and chew it. Excess collar is distracting and may cause your kitty to dislike their collar.
  • Breakaway vs. Secure Cat Collar – always choose a breakaway cat collar for cats who spend time outdoors. This ensures if they get it caught on a tree branch or other obstacle they will be able to escape. Either are subtable for indoor cats.
  • To Bell or Not To Bell – as a general rule the sound of a bell does not bother cats and many cats cannot even hear the sound. Choose a bell when you need to keep an eye on your kitty and they tend to be a little sneaky.
  • Cat Collars are designed for 24 Hour Wear – when your cat’s collar is comfortable, fits well and does not bother them, there is no need to remove the collar for naps or sleep, cats can wear their collars 24 hours a day.
  • Cat Harness Trends – there are plenty of cat sizes harnesses on the market. Training your cat from an early age is your best hope if you want or need your cat to wear a harness. You may have to try a few to find the right fit.
  • Cat Collar Weight – choose a lightweight cat collar that is sturdy enough to hold up to your cat’s playfulness. A standard cat collar is not designed for a leash or required to “hold” back your kitty like a dog collar, so there is no need to buy a heavy duty collar.
  • Cat Collar Materials – for kitties that spend time outdoors a waterproof cat collar is a great choice and for everyday wear go for a cotton, nylon, lightweight leather or quality synthetic cat collar. If you can cat reach the collar and licks or bites it, make sure to not have any loose parts or decorative elements that can be removed.
  • Cat Collar Colors – while color is a preference, choosing a color that pops against your kitty’s fur is always a good choice or go for a monochromatic option and choose a color that is the as your cats fur. A darker cat color will also hide dirt and wear and tear a little better.
  • Smart Cat Collars – a great idea for cats who enjoy the outdoors and find themselves wandering off or are needed inside for one reason or another. Make sure to choose an option that is compatible to your smartphone.

Or tell us more and let us help you find the right match….