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Choosing the perfect pet bed for your 4 legged friend that fits their needs, your home decor style and your budget can be a little tricky. There are so many options these days that finding pet beds that fits all these needs is easier then one might think. We wanted to share some of our favorites from our affiliates who specialize in pet products and offer a lot of great pet bed choices. To find out more about the beds, sizes, finishes, weight limits and care details click on the photo link.

Our definition of a dog bed is a piece of pet friendly furniture that is designed to fit your dog’s size, breed and health needs. While many of our choices will work get for cat’s too, we will share our favorite cat choices in just a bit.



Vintage & Farmhouse Pet Beds

Choose a pet bed that is functional, simple or solid prints and features rustic elements. Not finding what you are looking for, consider distressing a wood frame or painting it whitewashed or black and adding a bed cushion. Typography or stencils add a great touch and can be easily added to solid canvas cushions and mattresses.

Industrial Urban Pet Beds

Choose a modern pet bed with a vintage vibe for industrial, urban and classic home spaces. Look for simple prints, faux leather, textured fabrics or a great animal print. Consider a washable faux fur rug or animal print for smooth floors to offer another layer of comfort to nap time.

Mid-Century Modern Pet Beds

Get funky with retro style pet furniture that will fit right in to your mid-century home spaces. Choose geometric prints, walnut wood or rich textured fabrics. Not only is this period furniture unique, it also gives way to great pet-friendly design.

Coastal & Nautical Pet Beds

Outfit your coastal home, beach house or cabin at the lake with the perfect pet bed that fits the vibe. Nautical stripes, drift wood frame or natural elements are ideal choices for pet spaces. For pets who enjoy the water as much as you do, consider a waterproof cushion or mattress that will dry quickly after a day in the water.

Shabby Chic | Pretty Pet Beds

It is ok to go over the top where pets are concerned and this is easy to do when outfitting your shabby chic, vintage or French country spaces. Choose rustic metal, vintage prints or antique style pet beds. For larger breeds, the rustic metal style pet beds are no ideal. Choose an antique style cushion and pair it with a distressed bed frame, white washed wood or transform a vintage crib into your pet’s bed.

Design your own pet bed to fit your style. Here is a great blog post on the site, 13 Adorable DIY Dog Beds.

Black and White Pet Beds

Black and white pet furniture is always a great choice. The look is great in modern, classic and even vintage home spaces. Choose the right style bed for your pet’s breed and create the perfect pet corner.

Black and White Toile Pet Cushion

Transitional Pet Beds

Transitional home spaces bring together classic, chic and a little big of fun. Choose lush fabrics, simple prints or metallic elements when choosing your pet bedding. Don’t be afraid to choose a pop of color that adds to your overall design aesthetic.

Animal Print Pet Beds

Animal prints never go out of style and what a great choice for your furry pal. Choose faux fur combinations that blend with your pet’s fur pattern for a little fun. Animal prints are a great choice for chic, industrial and transitional home spaces.

Boho & Funky Pet Beds

Mix and match prints, colors and styles to create the perfect bohemian style pet space. Choose floral pieces, funky style or something natural to create your unique space.

Visit our Boho Pet Home Decor Shop For More Great Pet Supplies

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