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Kitten Supplies

Dedicated to all things for kittens – bowls, bedding, toys, litter boxes, books & more to help you care for your new little one.


Welcome to our Kitten Shop where you will find everything you need to start out life with a new kitty in your home. Making a decision to adopt a kitten is a big and wonderful decision. Browse our shop filled with pet supplies designed specifically for kittens.

“Kittens Are Angels With Fur”

Do your homework by reading up on life with kittens and cats to provide them with the perfect environment.

Not sure what breed or combination of breeds your kitten might be, here is a great article about how to determine a cat’s breed. Hope it help you solve the mystery.

Here is a great article we found on the PetHelpful.com website – How To Identify Cat Breeds

Choose a crate that will hold a kitten and grow with your cat. A travel crate is important for vet visits, road trips and airline travel.

Keep kittens entertained early on to see how they play, provide exercise and allow them to have a little fun.

Kitten Bedding

Fur babies love their blankets, so choosing a special blanket that will be with them always.

Get to know your kittens personality and find the right bed, lounger or cave to suit their needs. While some cats love to stretch out in the sun to lounge, others need alone time.

Choose a low profile bowl for kittens and you may decide they are great for cats as they grow. They stay out of the way of their whiskers, making dinner time more comfortable.

Newborn or abandoned kittens should be bottle-fed using kitten milk replacer (or KMR), which comes in either liquid or powder form. You do not want to use cow’s milk or other human milk options when caring for kittens under 6 weeks old.

Choose an adjustable collar that will grow with your kitten and be ready as your kitten outgrows their tiny collar.

Begin grooming kittens early to acclimate them to the tools, conditioners and aids.

Kitten Potty Supplies

Finding the right litter box that will grow with your kitten is a great choice. You can decide to start small and then graduate to a larger one or find one that is flexible for all size cats.

Kitten Checklist

  1. Kitten Book – Learn all you can learn about life with kittens and cats to be the best owner you can be.
  2. Kitten Food & Treats – Start with the right kitten food so that your new buddy has the right nutrition. You will also want to find treats that they love and look forward to.
  3. Food and Water Bowls – Choosing the right bowls for your cat is a little more complicated than one might think. Low profile or tilted bowls will reduce contact with sensitive kitty whiskers
  4. Collar and ID – Choose an adjustable collar that will grow with your kitten. You don’t want to go too big or it may slip off too easily. Attach your contact information, your kittens’s name and ID to ensure you can be found.
  5. Litter Box Supplies – No need to worry about a lot of potty training with your kitten, they instinctively will use a litter box, it is key to find the right locations and set a schedule for cleaning the box to reduce odor and keep you kitten happy.
  6. Pet Crate – A good pet crate is important for bringing your kitten home, but also for visits to the vet and travel. Choose a crate you can use again when your kitten grows up.
  7. Kitten Blanket – Cats love to snuggle and a blanket of their own is a great new kitten gift.
  8. Kitten Bedding – Kittens and cats nap a lot and we mean a lot. A great kitten bed that will grown with them is ideal for spaces in your home where you and your kitten will spend time.
  9. Scratch Pads & Play Towers – It is important for indoor cats to have plenty of options to explore, climb and nap. If your cat has claws, show them from the start to use the scratch pad rather than your furniture.
  10. Kitten Toys – Try a few little toy options to see which ones your cat responds too. Some love catnip, while others love to chase feathers.
  11. Kitten Accessories – A new kitten is so much fun, you might want to grab a few fun accessories to play with.
  12. Kitten Journal – Start a journal the day you decide to adopt your new kitten. Capture great memories, milestones and keep track of shots, medicines and upcoming events.
  13. Veterinary Appointment – if you are adopting from a shelter or breeder, your kitty has probably had at least one vet appointment, but if you are rescuing from unknown places, you will want to have them checked out right away to make sure they are healthy, get their shots and make a plan to spay or neuter them.

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