Perfect Pet Spaces: Designer Tips for Crafting Cozy Pet Corners, Nooks, and Rooms

‘Style is a way to say who we are without having to speak’

Rachel Zoe

The notion of pet rooms is not a novel one, but it is unquestionably gaining popularity. While not every pet is fortunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to them, many find joy in having designated areas such as cozy under-stair nook, personalized corner, or repurposed laundry room that cater to their needs.

We challenged our team of experts to share their invaluable insights on designing pet rooms and spaces and they came up with a plethora of pet-friendly design tips and ideas. Their foremost advice stresses the importance of customizing the space according to your pet’s breed, size, and unique personality. Some suggestions may be better suited for smaller breeds, while others cater to the needs of larger dogs. We are an affiliate shopping website, if you find something you love and decide to make a purchase, we receive a portion of the sale. We appreciate your support and when you find something you love, we know our work is done here!

Explore these creative concepts and select the ones that resonate with you, allowing you to create the perfect sanctuary for your beloved companion.

Step-By-Step Tips For Creating A Pet Space:

  1. Determine the Location
  2. Pick a Theme & Color Palette
  3. Choose Pet Bed & Bedding
  4. Select Bowls & A Food Mat
  5. Add Storage & Organization
  6. Introduce Art & Decor

Seems pretty simple right, it is really is. Once the major decisions are made the fun begins. We recommend choosing a focal point or inspiration piece to help lead you through the process. Choose a piece of art, select a unique decor object, or a terrific rug. Before you embark on your project, create a digital or physical mood board that brings together your choices to make sure you love the decisions you have made. It is much easier to make changes at this stage of the game.

Build A Mood Board and Bring Your Ideas Into One Place

‘A Mood Board Let’s Creativity Go Wild’

Mood boards are so easy and so much fun to do. Print images of what you love, cut them out, and put them on a board. If you prefer to do this digitally, there are many applications such as Canva that make it so simple. The key is to create a mood board that represents your vision for the space before you begin the project to save you time, energy, and money. Refer to your mood board during the process to make sure you are on track. Include products, paint colors, fabric swatches, art, wallpaper and more.

Learn how to make your own mood board before embarking on your design project:

To Learn More About Making A Mood Board Here is a Great Post:

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Pet Room Design Tips & Ideas

Pick A Design Theme

Not sure where to begin, find something that inspires you, a piece of art, a printed fabric, or an icon such as a super hero. This will help you determine your theme and also guide color, fabric, and furniture choices. Pick a design style that delights you, represents your pet, and harmonizes with your decor vibe. Go subtle, match your home, or venture into a whimsy theme.

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

Visit our Pet Home Style Shop to browse pet supplies and decor by design style. Incorporate pet furniture and decor into your room so they all blend together.

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Good room design has a mixture of textures, scales, and elements that all work well together!

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Adding Art Makes Interior Design Personal

Art speaks to everyone in different ways and the art you choose will impact your design. Select a large impactful piece, commission a custom work of art, or create a pet-themed art gallery wall. Learn more about gallery walls here. You can include pet photos, prints, posters, typography, and fine art.

Helpful Tip: Avoid free-standing framed art as it could pose a hazard to your pet.

“Art Often Speaks When Words Cannot.”

Explore our huge collection of dog, cat, and animal art in our Pet Art Shop.

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Custom Signs Make The Space Even More Personal

Choose a fun name for the space or refer to it by your pet’s name. Go a bit further and put a sign on the door, add the name to the wall or monogram your pet’s bedding. “Spunky’s Space,” “Buster’s Bunker,” or “Ducky’s Dome” Here are a few great options to inspire you. Don’t see what you like, make your own or commission a local artist. Adding a photo or artwork of you pet is great touch too.

Ground Spaces With A Pet-Friendly Rug

Rugs serve as a fundamental element in grounding and defining a space. Essential features, such as washability, durability, and possibly water resistance, ensure that the rug remains easy to maintain and can withstand the demands of daily life with pets. Rugs play a pivotal role in adding warmth and coziness to a room, especially during chilly winter months. They transform your space into an inviting oasis, making floor napping and relaxation much more enjoyable.

Choose decor pieces that speak to you, your gut is usually right.

Browse our selection of amazing pet-friendly rugs, door mats and entry rugs:

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Go Over The Top With Heated Floors

Enhance your pet’s sleeping space with the luxurious comfort of radiant floors. You have the flexibility to incorporate this feature either during the construction phase or as an aftermarket addition. And it’s not just for your pets; the entire family will delight in the pleasure of walking, lounging, and playing on these toasty surfaces.

With heated floors, you have complete control over the temperature, allowing you to adjust the warmth based on the season or the prevailing chill in the air. Radiant floors are also ideal for heating your home during cooler days without turning on the heater, saving energy costs.

Create a Focal Point Wall

Choose a fabulous dog, cat, or animal wallpaper, commission a custom mural, or make a gallery wall. Wallpaper is favorite choice because there are so many great options, it is inexpensive, and if you choose peel and stick, it is easy to change. You can wallpaper the entire space or choose just one wall and call it your focal wall.

Only add design elements you love, never follow what you think is on trend or is expected, follow you instincts.

If you are considering wallpaper, browse our Pet Wallpaper Shop to see if any of the prints speak to you:


Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture Wisely

When selecting furniture pieces for your home, prioritize those that can withstand your pet’s affection and playfulness. Look for accessories that are easy to clean and can be conveniently tossed into the washer, ensuring a hygienic and fresh environment.

Moreover, it’s essential to choose furniture that suits your pet’s specific needs, both in terms of size and shape. While some pet beds may look stylish in your space, they might not be the most suitable choice for your furry companion.

Browse a huge selection of pet-sized, durable, and great looking furniture pieces to create pet-friendly spaces.

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Hide Everything In Plain Site

Craft a pet-friendly zone that seamlessly integrates organization. Incorporate built-in drawers for easy storage of pet toys, bedding, and clothing. Choose storage solutions for pet food and treats that subtly blend with the surroundings. Opt for easily accessible baskets, bins, or tubs for a quick clean-up of toys and pet paraphernalia, keeping the area tidy and clutter-free.

Designers will always choose design elements that are functional, stylish, and unique, think outside the box for storage and organization, making them part of your space.

Browse storage options for pet food, treats, bedding, and apparel in our Pet Storage & Organization Shop:

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Screen Off Pet Spaces

Harness overlooked areas like under-stair spaces, laundry rooms, or hallways, transforming them into cozy retreats for your pet. Design the area with a door, storage, and a snug spot that matches your existing decor. If crate training is part of your pet’s routine or you have multiple pets, integrate built-in crates with their own doors. In the event a built-in isn’t feasible, designate a pet zone with a screen or gate. This approach lets you convert any corner into a personalized pet haven.

Find unique, designer ways to designate or separate your pet space or to keep pets from certain areas in your home in our Pet Gate Shop:

Improve the Scenery

Homes are built with windows at human level, so why not lower the window making it ideal for your pets to keep an eye on what is going on outside. This will reduce the need for your pets to reside on top of the dining table, climb the wall or other creative methods to see outside. You can add small peak-a-boo windows or a large window depending on your home design and style.

Pet Toys Are An Accessory, Darling!

As you curate pet toys and contemplate storage options, consider a decorative basket that aligns with your interior style, even extending this aesthetic to the toys themselves. Such thoughtful selections are also fantastic gift ideas for new puppy parents. For instance, this contemporary cotton Dog Toys Basket not only offers a chic solution to store your dog’s playthings but also enhances the overall decor, effortlessly marrying functionality with style.

Design is in the details, add pet toys that coordinate with your spaces just as you would throw pillows on a sofa.

Find the perfect pet toys in unique sizes, shapes and colors and add fun accents to pet spaces:

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Embrace A Coat Rack

One of our favorite tips is to add a coordinating coat rack, hooks or storage center. A great place to store your leashes, walking supplies and pet rain jacket for stormy walks. Choose pet supplies that coordinate with you space and they become part of the design.

Choose leashes, collars, and tote bags that match the decor when they are on display. You may not use the designer choices as often, but they are inexpensive accents that help to bring your space together.

Choose a coat rack that fits your style, not one that is “made for pets” they all work and unique is a good choice:

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Provide A Place To Hide, Play & Lay

Many pets love to find a place to snuggle that is cozy, warm and comforting. Add a pet cave, space behind a door or a hiding place for the litter box that gives your pet a little privacy.

If your cat likes to climb, add pet-friendly wall shelves that are sized to hold your kitty, hang a sing from the ceiling that your kitty can nap from in comfort or a window bed ideal for small breed pets. For pets that reside in an apartment or city living where outdoor play is not ideal, consider adding a little green grass, pet tower by the window or built in an actual tree in the corner.

Create spaces that provide entertainment for your pets, explore in our Pet Play Spaces Shop:

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Add A Bit Of Luxury

Add a bit of luxury in the form of soft, snuggly, or hidden. Pets often seek cozy, warm, and comforting spots to snuggle up. Cater to this instinct by providing a snug pet cave, a hideaway behind a door, or a discreet location for the litter box, granting your pet their desired privacy. You could also consider adding a uniquely designed pet bed or a plush blanket, creating a haven where they feel safe, comfortable, and very much at home.

The greatest luxury is seeing a pet peacefully sleeping.

Find the best way to store pet supplies:

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Create A Pet Dining Area

Eating, drinking and snacking is the highlight of your pet’s day or a close second behind a long walk, so why not create a space that is designated for pet dining. Choose a great set of bowls, a food placemat and storage options for your pet’s treats, snacks and food. You can also add a water source to the space to make filling their water bowl and breeze. If a permanent water source is not an option, add a water tank with fresh water. If your pet dines on fresh foods that require refrigeration, add a small refrigerator into the space that is designated to hold pet food at the ideal temperature.

Cooking is love made visible.

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Designate A Pet Bathing Area

Let’s face it, some pups need a bath quite often, while others prefer a visit to the groomer for a wash, cut and dry. If your pup is prone to needing baths quite often, consider adding a portable or built-in tub with a handy pet wash sprayer to make the process much easier. Hang the towels close by and fill dispensers with your pet’s shampoo and conditioner. You might even have a blow dryer to warm them up after their bath.

“Hello Beautiful!”

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Add a Doggy Door

Depending on the location of your pet space, you might consider adding access to the backyard through a door or even a wall. If you are in the process of building your home and adding a pet space, this is an ideal time to include a door to the outside that is incorporated into your design. Challenge your builder to include the opening and then add moulding around the space to make it fit right in. Don’t forget a way to black off the opening when it is not in use.

Freedom is Oxygen For the Soul

Moshe Dayan

Explore ways to give your pet their independence and freedom with a little bit of fun in our Pet Outdoor Spaces Shop: