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While many pets prefer life inside, other pets long for the outside, sitting aimlessly for hours peering out the window, wishing they could roam free. Sometimes it is just not possible or often not safe to let pets outside without a leash and supervision, but we found some great products and ideas to make that wish a reality.



Pet Doors

Pet doors have been around awhile, but there are many new styles and options. While some are permanent, there are non-permanent pet doors that are ideal when you rent or do not want to make permanent change. If you are concerned about safety, there are new Smart Pet Doors that are activated with a bluetooth signal from your pet’s collar, keeping all other critters out.

Outdoor Cages & Condos

There are clever options for keeping pets safe while outdoors, on the balcony or the back porch. Netting or flexible wire structures are ideal for creating a custom pet space, while more permanent options might be more appealing. You can attach them to your pet door, allowing your pet the freedom to move inside and out during the day and night. A great option when you are not able to be home and let them in and out.

Pet Outdoor Netting & Mesh

Balcony Screens & Guards

Add a screen, lattice or wire to balconies to protect pets from squeezing through and escaping or hurting themselves while enjoying the outdoors. There are many decorative options, that not only protect pets, but also add privacy and a a cool vibe to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Pet Decor

Outdoor Pet-Friendly Rugs

Choose an outdoor rug for pet spaces that does not shed, is comfortable, and washable to protect pets from hot pavement and surfaces on balconies, porches and decks.

Pet Helpful Hardware

Clever hardware that will allow doors to stay open without locking them in or out. Ideal for indoor spaces, but also clever for outside doors where a little fresh air can come in, but pets cannot escape to the outside.

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