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How To Build A Mood Board – Design Spaces For Pets & People Like An Interior Designer

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How To Build A Mood Board – Design Spaces For Pets & People Like An Interior Designer

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Mood Boards are all the rage and they not only fun to make, it is easier than you think. Before we show you how to create one and our favorite Mood Board maker, let’s define what Mood Boards are, how they help during the design process and how to create the perfect mood board. Here is an example our team put together that represents one of our favorite decor styles, Wabi Sabi.

What is Wabi Sabi you might ask, it is a trendy, Japanese design style that gives homage to all things natural, rustic and a little unperfected. We think it is one of the best design styles for pet spaces with its forgiving finishes, natural color palette and trendy feel.

Definition of a Mood Board

Mood Boards are visual representations of a design aesthetic. They can be done by hand with photos, pieces of fabric, paint swatches and product images or they can be done on the computer. We love a good handmade Mood Board, but they take time, are difficult to change and very hard to share with others. A mood board created online allows you the flexibility to move things around, try different combinations and easy save and share.

Benefits of Making A Mood Board

Mood Boards are not required during the design process, but they are so helpful. Not only do the help you bring your creative vision to life, they also help you make decisions, stay in budget and share your vision with others. A mood board cannot only be used to choose paint colors, fabric and furniture pieces, it welcomes accessories, accents and even pet toys. Mood boards are most often used for fashion and design projects and the perfect choice when creating pet corners, pet rooms or pet walls.

How To Create A Mood Board

Creating a Mood Board by hand begins with a board or canvas, swatches of fabric and paint and a collection of photos and clippings. You assemble them onto the board and pin or glue them into space. Using a cork board is a great way to make it flexible and easy to change. Creating a Mood Board Online is quite a different process, but the results are very similar. Our favorite site for making Mood Boards is Canva. There are a number of other sites that offer a similar result, but the team at Canva has it figured out. They offer a free option, as well as, options for inexpensive monthly memberships. They have a large number of pre-designed mood boards that you can use and change the pictures and colors or you can build one from scratch. You are able to upload your images, copy them from your favorite shops and add paint colors, notes and other details. They are easy to save and Canva stores all your projects making them easy to print, share or change.

What To Include On Your Mood Board

  • Color Palette – this can be paint colors, accessory colors or colors that are already in the space.
  • Focal Point – it is always good to have an inspiration piece for the space. You might have a piece of art, fabric print or an inspiration photo that you will use to make your design choices.
  • Furniture – if you already have major furniture pieces in the space you can take photos of them or find them online and add them to your board. You will then want to add new pieces you need or want to add.
  • Rug – we love rugs both big and small to bring together your design, choose a rug or photograph the flooring, carpet or current rug and add to the board.
  • Accents – these are the details that make your space unique. This is the time to add your pet accessories, pieces of art and home accents.

There is no right or wrong way to make a board, the key is including the elements you will have in the space, making sure your colors work together and including the elements that help you bring vision to life. When we create pet mood boards, we love to include images of our pets, toys we think would look great in the space and ideas for storing and organizing

One other nice thing about mood boards is you can design many different designs for your space and decide which one you like the best before you spend a penny. Planning ahead will help you make good choices and make sure the ideas in your head are what you hope they will be when you bring them all together. One thing to always keep in mind when creating a pet space, is to make sure that you make choices that are right for your pet when it comes to their bed, bowl design and toys. What looks great on your mood board may not be the best choice for your pet, but don’t give up there are so many great products out there, we know you will find just what you need to create amazing pet spaces.

Have fun creating a space for your pet that you will all enjoy.

The Wild Love Tails Team